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If you spend a lot of time in Gmail, Google Reader or Hotmail reading email and feeds, or if you have a Facebook addiction.

Then Prism is a great app for you!

Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.

I only came across this last week and find it invaluable already!

Step 1.

Start by downloading the latest release of Prism here and installing as normal.

Step 2.

When you open Prism you’ll be presented with this screen.  In your web browser, navigate to the page you want , copy the URL and paste it into Prism and give it a relevant name.  You have the option of  showing the address bar, status messages and progress.  As well as enabling the navigation keys.  I recommend leaving all of these unchecked otherwise it becomes too “browser-like” (it’s entirely up to you though)

You’ll also be asked whether you want to create shortcuts.   If you choose to create a shortcut in the start menu, the webapps will appear in the Web Apps folder in your start menu.  Check the option to create one on the desktop if you want to pin it to the taskbar and apply a custom icon to it.

When you’re happy with your choices, just hit OK.

The web-app will open straight away and ask for login credentials.

Step 3.

For Windows 7 Taskbar, Vista & XP will vary.

If you want the Prism app pinned to your taskbar, the default icon is pretty nasty.  Go grab yourself a nice big icon from deviantart (my personal favourite.). Right click the shortcut and choose Properties.

Click on Change Icon, click Browse…, find your icon, then hit OK. Your shortcut icon will now be changed.

Right click on the shortcut again but this time choose, Pin To Taskbar. You can now delete the shortcut from the desktop.

Here’s a peek at my Google reader.

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  • Sum1

    I think it should also be mentioned that this is a Firefox extension.

  • Sum1

    I think it should also be mentioned that this is a Firefox extension.

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