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PROS: Easy-to-use interface, won’t do anything without asking first!
CONS: If I’m being really picky, it asks you to install a toolbar for the Internet.
VERDICT: A great piece of software for all Facebook users – easy-to-use, and convenient.
DOWNLOAD: Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat Features

It’s an easy-to-use, convenient, simple program, that allows you to chat with your friends signed in on Facebook Chat.

The first screen you’ll see is the log-in screen, and then it’ll actually ask if it can change your status to advertise the program. I know a lot of sites that do it by itself, or force you to do it (or you won’t be able to use the program). This was a big plus, in my opinion, and makes my details feel safe!

It’s also extremely basic, however, as complicated as it has to be. I don’t have to be able to check my e-mails, nor check on my restaurant or farm – I just want to be available when people want to chat. I also think it’s useful that it’s not just built-in to another program (i.e. Windows Live Messenger).

Download Chit Chat for Facebook

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Download Chit Chat for Facebook

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Harry has always loved computers and technology. He enjoys breaking his tech, and then trying to fix again (usually successfully!) and loves about almost anything tech! • Favourite browser - Google Chrome • Favourite PC brand - HP • Favourite phone - Google Pixel

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