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FontFolder 3 Great Freeware Font Management ProgramsAre you a fan of fonts? I know I am. And if you have visited this site for some time, you will no doubt be sitting on a huge pile of free fonts. Now, Windows doesn’t have a specific number of maximum allowed fonts you can enable (or install) – but installing each and every one you own at once, will increase boot time and may slow your system down to snail pace…There are many applications out there that will help you to manage your fonts by enabling the font you need – when you need it. The best programs also help you sort your fonts for easier management. The best ones, aren’t free (usually), and those who are, doesn’t always give you what you want, or need.For many years now I’ve been using a Font Management Program originally developed for the MAC platform called SuitCase. All though they have a free version, their best (and most functional, and costly) version is the paid version. Needing to upgrade my SuitCase Program I started out searching for a free tool that could replace it. Hoping to find at least one – I ended up with three promising alternatives.To make sure you read about all three I’ve collected the Downloads at the very end of this article.

FindThatFont 1.0 – Organizing made simple dice 4 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

scrn findthatfont3 3 Great Freeware Font Management ProgramsThe main idea behind FindThatFont is to make is easy to find that very font you need for your design. This application let you create and set categories for each font on your system. You can then sort your fonts accordingly. However FindThatFont does only read fonts installed in the Windows Font Folder, but the developer promise to add functions from other font management programs, like Enable / Disable fonts from different locations.

Interesting idea

FindThatFont! offers an extension manager and allows developers to modify or extend the program with endless many features. So far there is only one extension available, but if the developer gets this right I’m sure many more will follow.

AMP Font Viewer – Powerful yet Easydice 5 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

FontViewer small 3 Great Freeware Font Management ProgramsAMP Font Viewer comes packed with a great deal of functionality. In addition to preview fonts you can enable/disable fonts from various locations. It has a built in search function that allows you to search for partial names – keeping you from scrolling through the entire font-list. Another Feature which I love, is the ability to temporarily enable a font. This allows you to use a font on a certain job, without having to disabling it afterwards. A great function for those fonts you only use now and then. AMP Font also offers several options for managing and organizing fonts in categories.

What caught my eye

The “Scratchpad area” which is a small Notebook-like window where you can play around with your fonts to see how it behaves in different settings.

NexusFont – Going PortableDice 6 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

NexusFont 500x321 3 Great Freeware Font Management ProgramsNexusFont might just be my new favorite. As you know I’m a graphics Designer and I have tons of fonts at my disposal. One of the things I look for in a powerful Font Manager is the ability to temporarily enable fonts. NexusFont goes beyond that. The usual functions aside, NexusFont let you search for and remove or rename duplicate fonts. It has an automatic enabling function that makes all listed fonts in NexusFont available to other programs.

What really caught my eye

It’s Portable! NexusFont can be installed on your USB Flash Drive. If you travel a lot, you can keep all your fonts on the flash drive, boot NexusFont on any computer and you’re all set. Never be without your fonts ever again.


download64 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs


download64 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

AMP Font

download64 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs


 3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

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