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right click disable 220x220 ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu It’s no question about it. As more and more programs take advantage of adding their own features to the context-menu (Right Click Menu), the less useful it gets. Some developers that add their features to your context menu are smart enough to only activate it on certain file types, or when certain services are running. But not everyone does that.

Adding functions to your Context Menu is a synch, but removing them, now that’s another story all together.

Luckily there are people out there that recognizes such problems, and are able to fix it.

shellnewhandler 650x402 ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu ShellNewHandler is a small utility that searches through your registry for Context Menu entries. Entries are displayed in a GUI interface. Then simply check or uncheck an item to enable or disable a context menu item.

ShellNewHandler is OpenSource and under heavy development. If you find entries it doesn’t find – tell the developer. I’m sure he will appreciate the feedback. Or if you know a bit or two about programming, the source-code is also available for download.

Easy to install

It has no installer, just download and unpack the ZIP-file.

download64 ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu


Link to the developer’s blog: Click Here

 ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu

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  • Deck Hazen

    Very useful — thanks a bunch.

    – Deck

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