Screenpresso – Is It The Best Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows?

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There are a lot of screen capture tools on the market, but Screenpresso is by far one of the best. It’s simple to use and has a ton of features that make it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to take screenshots on a regular basis. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the features that make Screenpresso so great, as well as how you can start using it today!

What is Screenpresso and what are its features?

Screenpresso is a screen capture software that enables you to take screenshots of your desktop, applications, and web pages. You can also use it to record video footage of your screen. Screenpresso is available for Windows and MacOS. It has a number of features that make it a useful tool for capturing screenshots and videos. For example, it includes an image editor that allows you to crop, resize, and annotate your images. It also has a video editor that lets you trim and edit your video recordings. In addition, Screenpresso comes with a built-in file explorer that makes it easy to manage your screenshots and videos. Overall, Screenpresso is a versatile and user-friendly screen capture tool that is ideal for capturing high-quality screenshots and videos.

Screenpresso has the best screen capture user experience

When it comes to screen capture tools, I’ve tried them all. And, in my opinion, Screenpresso is the best one out there. It’s easy to use and it produces high-quality images. Plus, it’s constantly improving – which is something I really appreciate. I’ve been using Screenpresso since 2009, and it has definitely made my life easier. If you’re still using the Print Screen button to capture screens, I urge you to give Screenpresso a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Many people are familiar with the basic functions of the Print Screen button, but few know about the true potential of this handy tool. By installing a program like Screenpresso, you can take your screen capture game to the next level. With Screenpresso, simply pressing the Print Screen button will automatically bring up a crosshair cursor. Moving this cursor around the screen will then highlight the area that can be captured in red, making it easy to get a perfect shot every time. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your screenshots, or just want an easier way to capture key images and video from your screen, be sure to give Screenpresso a try.

Screenpresso has some pretty cool edge snapping to the screen, which is really useful when you want to choose to capture part of a window, or the entire window, or even the whole screen. With the zoom lens at the right bottom of the screen, you can take a pixel-perfect screen capture, and it tells you the pixel size that’s highlighted.

This feature is essential if you require top quality images for your work or presentation. captures your Screen in PNG or JPG format (customizable in Settings), with or without the mouse cursor. Capture your Screen with Webcam, HD Video or even Ustream broadcasts. output options are also provided so you can choose where to save your captures.

You don’t have to open another software to annotate your screenshots as Screenpresso does it all for you!

Capture scrolling windows: An autoscroll mode helps you to easily capture long web pages from top to bottom without having to scroll manually. In the same way, you can still capture a window by selecting Grab a window from our Pop Out tool and choose from Select Window(Grab the Current Window Automatically), Last Active Window (the last active window before selecting Screenpresso) or Browse Windows (select any visible window on your screen).

Edge Snapping: To have more control on what’s being captured when using one of our region tools, try our edge snapping! Put your mouse cursor close to an edge of a window & release your click to snap the selection rectangle to this edge. The same applies when using our window or fullscreen grabbers: move close to a screen edge & release your click early to snap automatically to this edge.

Contextual menu: To make a quick edit or annotation of what’s been captured before saving it as an image or sending it by email directly from Screenpresso interface, select Edit with… in contextual menu after right clicking on a thumbnail then choose between open with Photoeditor (default Windows Photo Viewer), Paint (MS Paint), IrfanView, Photoshop.

A screenshot can be send by email directly from our interface using MSPaintContextualMenuSendByEmail action which is bound by default to PrintScreen key + E keys together.

Powerful Built-in Editor

Screenpresso’s built-in editor is both fun and efficient to use. It has a very simple but powerful interface which allows you to do tons of editing, such as commenting, adding arrows etc. and you can even blur a region easily.

One of the best features in the Screenpresso editor is their Add Image function. The developers have done a great job by providing users useful and ready-to-use images (check both the screenshots above for examples.)

All are done in Screenpresso’s built-in editor, without charging a single cent. This makes it an extremely valuable tool for anyone who needs to take screenshots frequently.

Easier Capture Sharing

Providing great user experience and powerful editor, LearnPulse has also attempted to make sharing of screenshots easier. They have included numerous options for you to share screenshots easily; as you can see in the screenshot above.

If you are not keen on using any services provided, you can just simply drag-and-drop the screenshots from the history to email or file-explorer for more sharing options. If you notice the screenshot above, there is some branding done on the screenshot, but this will only apply when you are using certain sharing options provided in Screenpresso, though I don’t find it intrusive at all in the screenshot.

For the features that has the branding enabled, check their features list of Screenpresso. Therefore, with a intuitive design and many options to choose from, sharing your captures with friends or colleagues has gotten easier than ever.

Screenpresso is A Portable Application

Screenpresso is a great tool that can be used not only on your personal computer, but also as a portable application on a public computer. On the first run of the Screenpresso installer, you can choose to run it directly without installation, or install it on the computer if you wish. This provides high flexibility and allows you to run it virtually in any Windows-based computers. As a result, you can have a great user experience no matter which computer you use.

How to take a screenshot with Screenpresso

Screenpresso is a screenshot tool that makes it easy to take high-quality screenshots. Follow these steps to take a screenshot with Screenpresso:

1. Download and install Screenpresso.

2.Launch the program and click on the “Capture” button.

3. A green border will appear around your screen, indicating that Screenpresso is ready to take a screenshot.

4. To capture the entire screen, simply click on the “Capture” button again. Alternatively, you can click and drag to select a specific area of the screen.

5. Once you’ve selection an area, Screenpresso will automatically capture the screenshot and open up the editing interface. From here, you can crop, annotate, or otherwise edit your screenshot as desired.

6. When you’re finished editing, click on the “Save” button to save your screenshot as an image file.

How to edit screenshots with Screenpresso

When you want to add a screenshot to a document or presentation, it’s important to make sure that the image is clear and legible. With Screenpresso, you can easily edit your screenshots to ensure that they are looking their best.

The first step is to launch Screenpresso and select the image that you want to edit. Then, use the editing tools to crop the image, adjust the contrast or brightness, and add text or annotations.

Once you’re happy with the results, you can save the image in a variety of formats, making it easy to insert into your document or presentation. With Screenpresso, there’s no need to worry about poor-quality screenshots – just sit back and let the software do its job.

How to share screenshots with Screenpresso

If you’ve never used Screenpresso before, you may be wondering how to share screenshots. Fortunately, it’s a pretty straightforward process. When you’re ready to share your screenshot, simply click the Share button at the top of the screen. This will open up a menu of options for sharing your screenshot.

You can choose to share your screenshot via email, social media, or a number of other methods. If you’re not sure which method to use, simply hover over each option to get more information.

Once you’ve chosen a method, simply follow the prompts to complete the process. And that’s all there is to it! With just a few clicks, you can easily share your screenshots with Screenpresso.

Additional features of Screenpresso

In addition to being a lightweight and portable screen capture tool, Screenpresso also offers a number of other features that make it an ideal choice for users who need to capture screen images on a regular basis.

For example, the software includes an image editor that allows users to crop, resize, and annotate their screenshots. In addition, Screenpresso can also be used to create GIFs and HD video recordings of desktop activity.

As a result, the software is well-suited for a wide range of users, from students and professionals who need to quickly capture and share visual information to gamers and other content creators who need to create high-quality video footage.

Customer support

Great customer service is essential for any business, but it’s especially important for software developers. After all, customers are the ones who are actually using the product and can provide valuable feedback about what’s working and what isn’t.

Good customer service shows that a company is committed to its users and is willing to listen to their suggestions. Learnpulse is a great example of a company that provides excellent customer service.

Not only are they always ready to listen to user feedback, but they’re also easily accessible via their official Twitter account. This commitment to customer service is one of the reasons why Learnpulse is so successful.

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