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2008 03 26 rip dvd 500x333 Almost too Simple DVD to AVI converter Okay I needed a catchy headline here. If you don’t have too much money to spend on expensive DVD-ripping software, and have no luck winning a free license – then I have great news for you. This DVD-ripper is not only simple to use, its FREE!

bitRipper – Simple and userfriendly

bitRipper convert any DVD movie to AVI-format, on the fly. It can be used for one-click ripping as good as for advanced modes. You choose whether to use default configuration values or to set them manually.

main window Almost too Simple DVD to AVI converter The interface is so simple to use that even my grandmother (age 83) can use it, if she’d owned a computer (and a DVD player). If you prefer to use the default settings, it’s a matter of inserting the DVD, choose the Save-To Folder, and start rrripping.


  • Video and audio codecs configuration
  • Video resolution and aspect ratio
  • Sound track language and sound value normalization
  • Variety of actions to be performed after the copying process is completed
  • Includes 3rd party decryption module for CSS protected DVDs
  • bitRipper does not need gigabytes of space to copy all DVD content to the hard drive before converting to AVI.
  • It converts video on-the-fly, copying data and writing it to AVI file at the same time.

bitRipper was a commercial tool and was developed as such. At some point they decided to go freeware and provide it free of charge. At first you had to register with a free key – this has since been removed.


    download64 Almost too Simple DVD to AVI converter


     Almost too Simple DVD to AVI converter

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    • lfsglock109

      It would be great…if it actually worked. First off I’m running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. If you have AnyDVD running, it won’t even start. Turned off AnyDVD, and it ran, in a Windows 7 Basic scheme. Not even 20% into the rip it shut down. I tried it twice, did it both times. Went to the Bitripper website to see what the Support page said and this is what I got;

      “Since bitRipper is not a commercial application anymore, we DO NOT provide any support.

      Try reading manual provided with software, it contains answers to more than 90% questions asked by our customers.”

      Looked everywhere on the site for a manual, couldn’t find it.

      I’ve been looking for a small, simple program to rip backup copies of my DVDs and I thought I’d found it. But it was too good to be true. I’m going to download the Windows XP Virtual Mode and try it again. Hopefully it will work. I’ll let you know what happens.

      • Anonymous

        it seems many freeware programs have problems running on 64bit system. My 64bit system is currently down and I cannot test it on that computer at the moment.
        But let me know if you do get it to work.

        Have you tried the Help file installed with the program ?
        You find it in the install folder inside the Start Menu.

    • Guest

      How are you supposed to register the program?

      It says that you do it after its been installed, but there is no link or button to led you to where to register the program…!


      • Anonymous

        Maybe they decided to remove to register function as it is no longer necessary.

    • Me

      couldn’t check the settings on vista, so i had to remove it

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