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I Love pranks. How about you?  I’ve surfed the web for some pranks that I could share with you. Some are new, and some are updated “good old ones.” Feel free to share your own computer pranks in the comments.

[Disclaimer] Neither Mintywhite Staff nor I shall be held responsible (or liable) for any consequences you might suffer for using these pranks.  You do this at your own risk, so keep it clean if you would like to keep your friends (and job) …

On to the pranks

The first pranks I thought I’d come up with are new versions of old pranks. Pranks that are updated to fit the world of today, so to speak. Now the first rule, when it comes to pranks is to know your victim good. Find a prank that will baffle them, even us computer savvy people will fall for some of these. Let’s start with the simple ones (those who don’t require any or much planning), and move on to the more advanced ones as we go.

UnClickable Desktop (version 2)

This is an oldie but goodie. As soon as a computer gets left alone, take a snapshot  of the desktop (Click the PrintScreen Button (PrtScr)), open Windows Paint or whatever and paste the image there, saving it as a JPEG image. Then, set that image as the default wallpaper.

Prank 1: Make sure you hide all icons, so that the only icons visible are the ones in the photo. To amp this one up a bit, open a “not so safe for work” website or image, in the middle of the desktop, BEFORE taking the snapshot. Then, you can really enjoy watching as your victim desperately tries to close that window. But again, consider the environments before choosing the proper image. If your victim use desktop gadgets, you might want to hide those before taking the snapshot, then activate them again after you swap the wallpaper. This way everything will look normal.

Prank 2:
Download this Blue Screen of Death image, set is as the wallpaper, and hide both the desktop icons and gadgets. OR, you can download the BSOD Screensaver from Microsoft!

TIP: To hide the desktop images, right-click an empty part of your desktop and choose VIEW from the Context menu. Uncheck the options “Show Desktop Icons” and “Desktop gadgets” if appropriate.

UnUsable Mouse

Prank 1:
Back in the day, the mouse was subject to many pranks. One prank I enjoyed in particular was to remove the little ball inside the mouse, which of course would render the mouse useless. Now days the mouse is equipped with optical or laser sensors, so there’s really nothing you can remove. However, if you place a piece of tape over the sensor you will pretty much get the same effect. Try it.

Prank 2:
Another easy-to-pull-off prank is to open the mouse control panel and switch the buttons from right-handed usage to left-handed. Sit back and enjoy as your baffled co-worker cannot get that left click working. Also, set the pointer speed to slow for some added annoyance.

Keyboard pranks

Prank 1:
Changing the keyboard setup in the control panel is great way to cause havoc. Switch the keyboard language and layout from English to let’s say Russian. Hours of fun that.

Prank 2:
If you have a “one-finger typing” victim, brake loose a couple of the keys on the keyboard and switch them around. Swap A and S, and E and R. Enjoy as they really cannot type anything. Don’t switch too many letters as it will probably be you that have to switch them back later on. And here’s how you do it.

Speaker prank

If your workplace is a landscape or you share office with several co-workers, you can also have some fun with speakers. Simply switch the speaker cables between your two computers, leaving the cables in such a way that it’s not obvious what you’ve done. Now you can make the other computer, play music at random, Loud beeps etc. hours of fun – or minutes, depending on how long you can keep a straight face.

Advanced Pranks

Now over to the more advanced pranks, that require some effort and planning, and of course enough alone time (at the victim’s computer), to avoid getting caught.


There are hundreds of small programs to help you prank someone. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Replace Keys clicker, that replace any keyboard keystrokes with different keyboard keystrokes.
  • MouseClicks, let you disable/enable the mouse buttons at regular or random intervals
  • Remove Programs, Add/Remove is a prank program that makes it appear that all of your software on your computer is being removed using the Windows Add/Remove Program feature.
  • ClickStart, every 45 seconds it will click on the start button causing the start menu to open, talk about irritating behavior.
  • DownHoax, is a fake downloader that will make it look like the computer is downloading Not-Safe-For-Work things. It cannot be stopped, as it will only re-start until done.
  • EmailFun. When executed, Email Fun displays a fake email screen complete with the To:, From:, Subject: and message contents. Then it immediately pretends to automatically type an email to everyone that is in your address book. Once the message is completed it simulates sending the email, with itself as an attachment.


If you live in the US or Canada, you can use a free phone call wakeup service to play. Pop your victim’s phone number, a time, and a custom message into WakerUpEr and they will get one of the strangest phone calls of their life.

The Mouse Stinkbomb Prank

Now this has to be the most advanced prank I’ve ever come across. It definitively takes some time to prepare, and you do have to do some shopping. First off get hold of the standard office mouse (commonly used at your work). Then you’ll need a smoke bomb, timer circuit, super glue, and micro switches. Sounds fun? Check it out here!

Covered in Jelly Prank

This is a prank for those who love jelly (OR, have  much spare time on their hands). I cannot describe it, you have to see it. The “Covered in jelly Prank”.

Almost done

I could sit here forever writing about all the fun pranks I’ve come across. But now it’s time for you to contribute. Before I finish off though, if you should happen to have full access to a friend’s computer, then this would be the greatest prank (Warning, definitively NOT safe for work):  SoundPrank 1. There is a safe for Work version also: Soundprank 2.

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The best Prank Stories:

  • http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/the-right-actions/31-great-office-pranks


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2 thoughts on “PRANKS: Lets have some fun”

  1. MerryMarjie says:

    Hmmm, I assume the humor factor in this article is lost on me because I am not amused.  I’m definitely jolly (hence the sobriquet, “MerryMarjie”) but this one zips over my head.

    Now, Jim putting Dwight’s stapler in Jello — THAT’S funny (for “Office” fans only).

  2. Kotesh Javvaji says:

    downhoax and remove programs and some other pranks were blocked by my victim’s antivirus, ,  and i tried some other pranks such as tape to mouse,, and keyboar stuff

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