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alt If you’re into customising your system, you would have inevitably, at some point, been denied access to some files.  There are ways around this, as we have covered in the past.  None however are as slick looking and handy as GlassOwnership.

GlassOwnership is an installer and has several options that will allow you to customise your setup.

You can choose to add GlassOwnership to the Windows context menu (with an additional shift option key), and for those who wish to keep an uncluttered context menu, a considerate ‘Send To’ option.


Once installation is complete, navigate to the file or folder (note that the ACL changes are recursive on folders) and, right click and choose GlassOwnership.


Once the work is done, you’ll get a popup telling you so.


Alternatively, (and this is where it differs from the rest) you can start GlassOwnership from the Start Menu.  Just start the application as any other and drag n drop files or folders onto the glass window that appears.  It’ll immediately apply to necessary changes and display a message in the glass window.



What’s nice about this method is that you can quickly apply changes to many files at the same time.  If you’re an avid customiser, you’ll know on average you have to change 5+ system files with a new theme or visual style.  With this, just drag and drop all of them at the same time…job done!

Download GlassOwnership

Download GlassOwnership

Download GlassOwnership

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