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Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 06

Yesterday we showed you how to create audio files from your documents. If you now have a large collection of somewhat robot sounds audio books or if you’ve encoded some of your audio book CDs, you may want to organize them a little better. In this guide, I’ll show you how to organize your audio book collection with iTunes.

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Organize Your Audio Books with iTunes

To organize your audio book collection:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, add your audio book files to iTunes. Do this by going to your Music folder > iTunes > iTunes Media > Automatically Add to iTunes. Now drag and drop your MP3 files into this folder.

    Note: if your files aren’t properly tagged, be sure to do one book at a time to avoid confusion.

    Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 01

  2. Now right click your audio file in iTunes and click Get Info.

    Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 02

  3. First, let’s add some artwork. Click the Artwork tab, click Add…, and locate the audio book’s artwork (most audio book’s artwork is available by doing a search for book name artwork.

    Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 03

  4. Now click the Info tab, and set the Genre as Audio Book (this is not mandatory but is good for organization with other software if needed.) All other fields are optional but I suggest you fill them out to maintain good organization for your audio book collection.

    Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 04

  5. Click the Options tab and set the Media Kind as Audiobook. Click OK.

    Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 05

  6. In the left-hand menu, click Books and view your audio book in all its glory. Repeat steps 1-5 (and 6 if you like revelling in your own personal accomplishments) until your whole collection is organized.

Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes 06

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One thought on “Organize Your Audiobook Collection with iTunes [How To]”

  1. Kip says:

    Rich, This article is exactly what was looking for.  I’ve found scads of blog posts describing long, complex processes that don’t achieve the same results that your simple, accurate, description achieves.  Thank you for sharing!

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