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Have you ever had to call the tech-support only to get hold of a person who seems to be laughing at you ? Well he probably did…

Those of us who have worked in user support have met all kinds of people on the phone. Some have genuine problems. Some problems are hard to figure out, others are simple to solve, and sometimes, the caller is plain and simply a ‘TCF….

Read on and I’ll explain…

Twelve o’Clock Flashers

For each user type there is a name: Beginner, Novice, Experienced, Geek and so on… All of which we are able to help in some way or another. However there are one group we call “The Twelve o’Clock Flashers“. No there’s nothing naughty about it – it’s simply the name of a certain kind of people we are not able to help at all. Unless they have a kid in their household. If we come across a “TCF” we simply ask for the KID in the house and make them help their TCFs problem.


What is a  “Twelve o’Clock Flasher” ?

Making a short story longer, a “Twelve o’Clock Flasher” is a person who loves gadgets and electronic equipment like VCR (in the old days), DVD-player, Microwave, ClockRadio, Ipod etc. etc. – which all have a Clock – flashing 00:00 (Twelve).


On to the stories…

From time to time I get these ridiculous stories from my co-workers (some which I’m convinced are true) and I want to share them with you – and hopefully make your day just a little better – seeing as others have bigger problems than you. And yes, many of the following people would go under the category ‘TCF’. Enjoy!


Support: How may I help you sir ?

Customer: I am trying to write an email, and I have typed in the ‘a’, but I can’t find the key for circle that should be around it …

Support: I see, Is the marker still there ?

Customer: Mark? No I’m all alone here…


This customer is unable to connect to the network…

Support: Sir, are you absolutely certain that you typed in the correct password ?

Customer: Yes I am. I was standing next to my colleague when he typed it in

Support: okay sir, can you tell me the password please ?

Customer: It was 5 little stars…


… after making sure the system was online….

Support: Okay, lets check your computer, can you please click on My Computer ?

Customer: um …. how am I supposed to do that from here ??


… Hewlett-Packard Support…:

Support: Do you know which model you have ?

Customer: It’s a Hewlett-Packard !

Support: Well That I know sir. Is it a color printer ?

Customer: I don’t know…. it looks beige to me…


…. at the internet service provider….:

Support: So, can you tell me how far you have gotten in the setup process ?

Customer: I have unpacked the internet.

Support: I see. Have you connected all the cables and turned on your computer ?

Customer: Computer ? I don’t have a computer… Do I need a computer to use internet ?


Customer: My computer keeps freezing on me

Support: Okay, when that occours, do you have many windows open ?

Customer: Um… No Windows… ? But the door is ?!


Okay so there it is…

If you got similar stories – don’t hesitate to share them with us. We could all need a brighter day now and then.

Okay, one more – the last one … for now…:

Support: How may I help you sir ?

Customer: I can’t get my new computer to work !

Support: Tell me what you have tried so far, Sir ?

Customer: I have unpacked it, hooked up every cable just as it say in the instructions manual. But it just wont start.

Support: Okay, have you checked the power ?

Customer: I have double checked everything, three times. And still nothing happens when I push down the pedal….

About Thomas

Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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