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I’m a big reader and an enthusiastic about Tech blogs; it’s no mystery why I write for Windows Guides. I have noticed, and I suppose that many of you too, that there’s a lot of expectation about using graphics hardware acceleration on browsers. Just this week, I have read at least 20 posts about this subject. This has been so important that the new version of Internet Explorer is basing its released with a huge focus on this feature.

But, what are we really talking about?

For many years computers, have been shipped with  a component that can improve your graphic experience. Traditionally, browsers haven’t been designed for using graphics acceleration. Currently, you cannot find a stable version of one of these programs that use your graphics card.

So, is it good news that browsers are going to use your graphics card?

Yes and no. Browsers are going to be faster rendering some sites and be capable of dealing with complex graphics. But this have some drawbacks:

  • The browsers are going to be more complex, which means it’s going to be harder to maintain and find bugs.
  • Many sites will be based on using this technology, so maybe in the next years we will need a dedicated graphics card to browse the net fully.

Is this really the key to the new internet?

Don’t get me wrong I think speed it’s a key part of browsing the internet and every aspect related with a computer. But one thing is being capable of improving user experience and showing sites faster, and other is being capable of displaying some sort of graphics.

This is just my opinion, what do you think?

About Angel Luis

I am an Engineer of Telecommunications that love computers. My first computer was a Commodore 16kb, about 25 years ago and since then I am always fighting computers problems. Please visit my entries and ask me about whatever problem you have, I will be pleased to help you. My email is discoveryourpc [at] gmail [dot] com. You can follow me on twitter @agenlu or read my blog www.discoveryourpc.net

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  • http://discoveryourpc.net Angel

    I was not really talking about web maintinance. I was refering to the code of the browser, the more funcionalities you have the harder is to not have bugs and other problems.

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