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Excel 2010, did not come with too may new features. It’s hard to come up with  ideas on how to improve something that is already a great product, I’m sure. But there was one new thing I’ve found quite useful: Sparklines.

Sparklines – What’s that ?


I thought you’d say that. Well, let’s for argument sake say you did. In short, Sparklines are tiny diagrams or charts that you can insert into your worksheet at the end of a row or column to project trends or compare statistics. Each Sparkline is so small that it takes up no space at all. One Cell is all it takes, making it a brilliant visual help to monitor your numbers.

One usage that comes to mind is to monitor your sales progress during a month, week, quarter. Or, maybe if you have an Excel sheet to monitor your stock options, you can quickly see how they are doing suing small Sparklines.

Sparklines are located in the middle of the Insert Ribbon with three standard lines to choose from. Highlight the area you would like to monitor and choose your Sparkline of choice. I’m sure you’ll wonder, however you managed without.

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