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Download Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED Custom Wallpapers, Gadgets, Screensaver and DreamScene Set

Microsoft and Dell have teamed up to manufacture and sell (PRODUCT) RED PC with Windows Vista Ultimate signature product running at the power of (RED), where every single PRODUCT (RED) product sold will have part of the proceed donates to The Global Fund to fight and eliminate AIDS in Africa. Best thing is Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED that comes with several (RED)-themed customizations, including six new desktop wallpapers, a new screen saver, two new Windows Sidebar gadgets, and a new Windows DreamScene.

Unfortunately, the Dell XPS PRODUCT (RED) systems such as Dell XPS One, XPS M1330 and XPS M1530 are only go on sales in US. For those located out of continent of United States of America, probably it’s hard to get Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) signature edition. But there is actually not much differences between ordinary Windows Vista Ultimate edition with Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) edition, except of the new customization and personalization in wallpaper, screensaver, Windows Sidebar gadget and Windows Dreamscene video said above.

If you very like the beauty of PRODUCT (RED) visual theme to appear in your Windows Vista system, it’s possible to download the PRODUCT (RED) wallpapers, gadgets, screen saver and DreamScene to make the existing normal Windows Vista system (actually works on every edition of Windows Vista including Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and your company Enterprise edition) without needing specific Ultimate edition) looks exactly like and has same visual effect with the Dell PRODUCT (RED) PC.

The customizations done in PRODUCT (RED) edition of Windows Vista has been extracted and packaged into archives and make available for free download, which can be downloaded from links below. Here’s a screenshot of how the Windows Vista desktop looks like with (PRODUCT) RED DreamScene and Sidebar gadgets.

Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) Wallpapers
Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) Screen Saver
Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) DreamScene
Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) Sidebar Gadgets

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26 thoughts on “Download Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED Custom Wallpapers, Gadgets, Screensaver and DreamScene Set”

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  3. pablo says:

    muy bueno.

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  7. I. Dimdins says:

    And just when i was thinking to start saving for the Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED. But i wouldn’t probably get it, since i live in Eastern Europe.
    I bow before you. :)

  8. Joel says:

    Very nice wallpapers

  9. Alex says:

    Excellent, just what I wanted

  10. vistaman says:

    Hey friends,

  11. Orland- spain says:

    windows vista ultimate veis magnifico!

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    oh great.it charms my eyes.

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    very goooooooooooooooooooooooood

  16. appu says:

    i want 1 pack

  17. Levon says:

    GUD, FINE !!

  18. Mahmood says:

    I am behind a router and I am having a hard time downloading. Can someone provide an easy link to download this and the rest of the RED product. Thanks in advance.

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  20. mateen says:

    nice wallpepar .

  21. Monika says:

    I would totally support [Product] RED if it were available here in Canada!!!

  22. faizal says:

    great stuff..thanks

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  24. Mel says:

    I think it is fascinating to see what marketing approaches MS has taken and how well they have or have not worked..

  25. Mel says:

    Yes – free is definitely good :)

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