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Being called a computer geek is not uncommon for us here at mintywhite. But how much geekyness would you say it takes to actually qualify as a Computer Geek (or nerd) ??  Even if you don’t consider yourself a geek, maybe, just maybe after reading this – you can call yourself a computer savvy…

And I swear – the following story is all true.

… My friend, the carpenter …

I have this friend (which is going to stay anonymous) who’s a carpenter by trade. A truly gifted carpenter. Whatever you need made – he is the go to guy. But when it comes to computers…

This Friend of mine, hates computers. And when I say Hate, I mean an utterly, sincere deep down fire-in-your-gut-hate towards anything technical that cannot be used to build something with (like a hammer, saw etc.). He was recently told by his accountant that he needed to get a computer so that he could better be served by them. After much ado, he finally bought one.

The boxes stayed unopened in the hallway for three months. And each day when he passed by these devils-things he cursed out loud – building up a rage towards this home invading technical junk that was collecting dust.

Finally the day came, when the computer was unpacked. A week later I got the call to come by and “make the darn thing work” as he put it. So I did. When I got there everything was in a big pile on his desk. Manuals torn up, shred to pieces, cables all over. He had given up even before he unpacked it. When I left, the computer was up and running, every piece of software was installed, and I had even made sure he could get access to his bank account, email account etc. Then I made the mistake of turning it off. oh well….

The next morning, the following conversation took place:

Him: I can’t get this %&()&# computer working. #¤%&!!!!.

Me: What’s wrong ?

Him: It won’t let me log on! #¤%&!! Piece of #¤%&§* !!! (hammering-on-keyboard-noice in the background)

Me: Have you typed in your password as I showed you ?

Him: Yes, a hundred times, at least !

Me: Ok, let me guide you one more time. Type in your password: “ABCD”

Him: A……. #¤%&… B…… c,c,c,c,…. “There” C …. Now where is that  ‘D’ ?? *#¤*%&*#!!

Me: You got it done :-) ?

Him: Yes, ABCD

Me: Good, Now Press ENTER

Him: Ok… E….N….T….E….R    …..  No, it’s not working… #¤%/(%

The moral of the story

If you do know that pressing ENTER, means that big square button with the word ENTER on it – then you just might know a whole lot about computers after all. And if you don’t – there will always be someone out there that know a whole lot less !

About Thomas

Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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3 thoughts on “Humor: Press Enter!!”

  1. Uvais says:

    I like the conversation Hhehehee Something same conversation i done with some my friend on phone when i was telling him about windows customization lol Soo funny ;)

  2. Viv McDonald says:

    I love it – and will share this with my gorgeous clients – who are all computer newbies. I’m sure it will make them feel better! cheers Viv

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