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I spend a good amount of time recommending PC parts and gadgets to friends. Do you? What’s your next purchase and why did you pick that item?

My next purchase will probably be a cadence sensor for my commuter bike.

Let us know in the comments.

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Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix the problems he creates.

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29 thoughts on “What’s Your Next PC Upgrade/Gadget Purchase”

  1. gregaM says:

     SSD.. I’ve been postponing for a long time :) 

    1. Rich says:

      Which one?

  2. Tristan Currie says:

    OCZ Vertex Series SATA II 2.5″ SSD – OCZ 
    So I can boot my machine faster

    1. Othniel R Javier says:

      GSkill Phoenix 120gb SSD trigger my WEI from 5.9 to 7.7. Reboot of 33 seconds – whew..! Just upgrade Phenom II x4 945 to x6 1100T cpu – WEI to 7.6. Kingston RAM DDR2 1100 of 6gb – WEI 7.6. Low WEI referrence of 7.4 for Sapphire HD 5770. 

  3. Rich says:

    What do you want from the sound card? Optical out? 5.1 sound, 7.1 sound? High quality? Higher power at the expense of quality? Both?

    1. 1nbracken says:

       optical out 7.1 sound would be great. High quality at a reasonable price.
      Never high power at the expense of quality. I like my sound clean, not loud.

      Neal Bracken

      1. Rich says:

        Thanks for the information Neal. In which country do you reside? (So I can make sure the card is available to you.)

  4. Jerry Good says:

    IPAD or some variant.

  5. John Crane says:

    Well, given that I just paid $400 for fence repair, $500 to get my treadmill fixed, $1900 to get my trees trimmed, $100 for a new wireless external speaker, $500 for a Xoom, and $50 for a wireless keyboard and mouse. Not to mention $40 for a new blood pressure monitor. I’m not only tapped out, I have overshot my gadget quota for probably another year.

  6. Rustam Rakasiwi says:

     I want a super fast laptop that never existed in the world, can you ?

  7. Gregdog50 says:

    SSD Drives.

  8. BilalKhan says:

     I will be making a new PC for myself in a couple of days, I will try to get the best parts available. Any suggestions rich?

    1. Rich says:

      What’s roles will the PC perform? Gaming? Office work? Graphic design? What’s your budget? What parts do you already have?

  9. andre biscaia says:

     SSD ou graphic card

  10. Othniel R Javier says:

     From Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H to ASRock 890GX Pro3. I will share the result of Phenom II X6 1100T on AM3+ mobo when I finish the assembly next week.

    1. Rich says:

      Othniel, I look forward to it. You should post pictures in the forums: http://forum.mintywhite.com

    2. Othniel R Javier says:

      Kingston KVR1333  4gb, Patriot  PSD34G13332  8gb, GSKill Phoenix 120gb SSD, WD Caviar Black 1tb SATA 3, Sapphire Radeon HD5770, SyncMaster BX2450, PixelView PlayTV Pro, Epsilon PSU 600w, Windows 7 Ultimate OEM. 
      TOTAL Cost Php70,000 ($1,595)
      WEI: processor 7.5, RAM 7.5, graphics 7.4, gaming graphics 7.4 & primary hard disk 7.7
      AIDA64 CPU Queen Benchmark Score 325006x Phenom II X6 Black 1100T 3746 MHz ASRock 890GX Pro3 AMD890GX Ext. Unganged Dual DDR3-1350 8-8-8-22 CR1 32467

  11. Rich says:

    I guess it saves running wires to your desktop (if you don’t have a switch around or any close Ethernet ports.) It also means you can move the desktop without having to consider connectivity. Of course there are disadvantages, though.

  12. Mammananny says:

     I just purchased a 32 GB iPad 2. I love it. I bought an HP netbook a couple of years ago because I could easily take it with me without a large case. I hated it. I gave it to my daughter after fighting with it for a couple of months. The iPad is what I had been looking for all along. I also bought a Sony All in One touch screen Desktop. I’m good!

  13. Học Nguyễn says:

    Long time no see everybody ^^
    Have a nice day!

    Next, (maybe at the end of this year) I’ll get a MacBook Pro, I love it for a long time, hi hi

    1. Rich says:

      Welcome back! Glad to see you around.

      Let us know if you do and how it works out. I’ve heard rumors that mintywhite is expanding it’s network to cover things like Apple, Linux, Android etc…

  14. Tony Poupa says:

    Just recently had issues with my ADSL modem (phone lead too long @ 20m) so had to run the modem from my kitchen where the phone connection is, then run 20m of Cat5e outside the house down to the computer room. Plugged that into a spare switch I had lying around and now have internet back on to 2 desktops and a laptop (wireless, so not really an issue). Next I’d like to upgrade my ShuttleX from a Pentium HT to at least a dual-core, but Core i7 would be better! Unfortunately that means a new mobo, CPU, & RAM, so a rather large expense all at once. Currently I’m saving my $$$ for that…any donations gratefully accepted!!!

  15. hp7909 says:

    A larger monitor & a new CPU (AMD Phenom II)

  16. David D'Aguanno says:

    Asus EEE Transformer Tablet 
    16GB Wi-Fi only. 10.1 inches with a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor. Dual web-cams with a rear facing 5 MP camera. Battery life is 9.5 hours running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Optional keyboard dock sits the tablet into grooves.


    ASUS Eee Slate EP121
    Windows®Home Premium, 12.1″ LED backlight WXGA (1280×800) Display with e-ink , Intel Dual-Core i5 470um, DDR3 (1 x SO-DIMM, 2GB/4G),32GB/64GB SSD, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz & Bluetooth V3, 2.0 Mp Camera, Hi-Definition Audio CODEC with Stereo Speakers & Digital Array Mic, Battery Life: 4.5hrs

  17. J. Anthony Carter says:

    Two more gig of RAM for my poor beleaguered laptop! :-P

  18. Mike Sherwood says:

     I’m going to upgrade to an SSD along with getting a wired chiclet keyboard and a gaming mouse for more enjoyable I/O :)

  19. Sérgio says:

    Ipad 2 or Core i7 2600k.

  20. Kisamezuko says:

     wow amazing

  21. Terieron says:

    And I’d like to buy such a cheap PC Tower … :-)
    (Designworks USA)

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