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Windows 7 Ultimate Competition Winner

Posted by Rich On September 20, 20090 Comments
delicous Windows 7 Ultimate Competition Winner

windows 7 ultimate box artOn Thursday, I launched a competition, which would last 77 hours. The prize is Windows 7 Ultimate and the 77 hours have elapsed.

And the Winner is…


I’ve sent you a private message on this system. Please claim your prize by 11:59 P.M. on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. If you are reading this, and haven’t yet, contact me.

How Did I Pick the Winner?

I was in a spot of panic when I found the comments from JS-Kit are currently not parsing to my database (support ticket with JS-Kit.) However, I remembered that I get an email, which automatically marks as read and archives every time a comment is posted. I don’t know why I keep them. Now I know why I keep them archived. My first job was to delete any comment email notifications, from Thursday September 17 2009, before 10 AM EST. This is because Gmail doesn’t let you search for emails between hours; you can only search between days. The second step was to identify the notifications that notified me that I posted a comment (so the numbers weren’t skewed by my commenting.) I then ran the following search at 5 P.M tonight:

from:(JS-Kit.com Comments) after:2009/9/17 before:2009/9/21

What this does is look for comments between the 17th (0:00 A.M.) and 21st (0:00 A.M.) of September 2009 that are from “JS-Kit.com Comments”. Thus, all notification emails on the 17, 18, 19, and 20 would be returned. Being 5 P.M. and having deleted the notifications from Thursday morning (pre competition) and notifications that I have commented, I was left with 977 comments (12.7 comments/hour or one comment every 4 minutes and 42 seconds.)

Total Entries

[Click to enlarge]

I then went to Random.org, typed in 1 and 977 as my min and max and the number generated was 613.

random Windows 7 Ultimate Competition Winner

I then went back to my email, and found the 613th comment (in reverse chronological order—Gmail default) to be roucrous.

Windows 7 Ultimate Winner

[Click to enlarge]

Congratulations roucrous and thank you to everyone else for your participation!

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