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previewProduct Come Up with Ideas, and WIN a license of NoteSyncDevelopers all over have discovered that www.Mintywhite.com is a great place not only to meet potential new users of their software, but also a place to get fresh ideas for their further development. By regularly visiting and testing software that we review here on Mintywhite, YOU get to influence how many of these programs should work and what features YOU think they should have.

And here is another such opportunity: Developers of NoteSync want your opinion! And the Top 5 Feature Suggestions will win one license each.

Did you read about NoteSync which was presented here on Mintywhite a few days ago ? If not, read about it here. This great little application let you take, store, sort and manage notes and synchronize them against your Google Docs Account.

NoteSync is still in beta, and Brady White the developer, is keen on getting some fresh new ideas. Some of the ideas on his NoteSync Agenda is: Rich text Formatting, Renaming Notes, NoteSync on iPhone, Context menu AddOn and minimize to Tray. But he wants more ideas.

How to win ONE of 5 Pro Licenses

Answer this: Which feature would you want to see in the first official release of NoteSync?

Tweet your feature suggestion to @notesync and include #wg
(Example: "@notesync I want bold and italics rich text support #wg")

By Friday, April 29 @9:00 pm UTC.


  • The top 5 feature suggestions will get a NoteSync software license.
  • Entries that suggest the Features listed above will not be eligible to participate.
  • If multiple participants submit the same winning feature suggestion, the participant that submitted the feature first gets the license.

NoteSync is scheduled to “go Pro” in mid May 2010. The winners will receive their license the same day.

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