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ripper screen 30 readers to Win a copy of WinXDVD Ripper Platinum [Worth $29,95]Once again, we bring you a great product of which you may win a copy: WinXDVD Ripper Platinum.

Sophia at Digiarty Software has kindly offered 30 serials to distribute amongst our readers. 15 licenses for Windows and 15 licenses for Mac Users.

Windows and Mac licenses ??

Yes, it’s true. Even though we mostly write about windows based software – we can this time also giveaway licenses for MAC users. So tell ALL your MAC-loving friends to come on over and discover this great site of ours. Let them get their chance to win a copy too.

Did you miss our review ?
Read all about it here

You want one ?

I knew it – Read on to find out how !

This great application got a stunning 5 out of 5 by our review panel. And I am sure you will love it too. So what do you have to do in order to qualify for one of these ?


Answer these questions:

  1. What do you think is the best feature in WinXDVD ?
  2. In your opinion, what would make this an even better program ?
  3. Which version would you like ? For Windows or MAC ?


There are only ONE rule this time:

  • Send your entry to Before Friday May 7th @ 5PM ET.

To be able to participate, your entry MUST be sent to the above email.

Have Fun, be creative – it may just pay off!

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  • thiagorodrigo
    When I read that this program made what the others make, but 5 minutes, I did not believe! Beyond the system of copies to be efficient and upgrable, therefore would be excessively to have one little toy of these in home. Better exactly it is to have the chance to know these and other programs that the MintyWhite only has the pleasure of reviewd. Do you have it for Windows 7 64bits?
  • Linu
    Yes I agree, so many did not read the rules....thanks.
  • SiNTAX
    Impressive how many people didn't read the rules eh? hehe :)
    1. I think the best feature in this software is it's very user friendly interface!
    I can save a lot time using this.
    the manual customization option for different profiles are great.
    now i can make music videos from my movie disks without ripping the full movie!

    2. it would be great if some more profiles are added like .mkv and h264.

    3. i don't have a MAC so i haven't yet tried the MAC version yet. so the Windows version is best for me.
  • mintywhite
    Just a friendly reminder to send your entry to
  • Murugesan
    The best feature in winxDVD is its excellent conversion quality. I wish it had the capacity to copy DVD files to mpeg without any encoding so that the original quality of videos is retained. I wish a windows version. Thank you very much.
  • mintywhite
    Just a friendly reminder to send your entry to
  • James Costa
    I think the best feature is how quick and quality of the output file and easy of use,
    I can't see any improving it,
    I would like the Version for Widows Pretty Pretty Please
  • mintywhite
    Just a friendly reminder to send your entry to
  • fizzbin88
    Hi. Can you please confirm if, to enter the contest, we are supposed to enter a comment here or send an email message? The email address, above, has a strikeout through it.

    Please advise... Thanks...
  • mintywhite
    Hi fizzbin88, yes please send your entry to
  • fizzbin88
    I really like the ability of WinXDVD Ripper Platinum to copy a DVD in under 5 minutes. I find that DVD ripping can be a very time consuming activity ! Make the program better... excellent customer support and timely revision updates for the ever-changing DVD market !
    I would love a copy of the MAC version... thanks !
  • William Throop
    The best feature is the ability to convert the DVD easily in nothing flat to various popular formats.
    Well, as for improving the program, hmmmm, maybe a linux version??'
    I would like the Version for Widows Pretty Please :)
  • mintywhite
    Just a friendly reminder to send your entry to
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