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ripper screen Winners of WinX DVD Licenses...!!Yet another Competition, successfully ended. Here is the list of our winners. If you ever should consider buying a DVD Copy/Backup program, it’s this one. You can make backups of your DVD collection with a few clicks – even the newest ones. And you get free lifetime updates.

Did you miss our review ? Read it here.

When you read through this list, you will notice that we only gave out 19 licenses, thou we promised 30 ?! That is true – as it turns out (and of course we expected as much) that not many of our readers use MAC. Therefore we were only able to give away 4 MAC licenses. However. IF you DO know someone who is bound to their love for MAC, tell them to send me an email at: begging (Ed note: or just asking nicely) me for a license, and I’ll be happy to accommodate.  Tell them to Write: “MAC license Please” in the Subject line. Now, on to the business at hand…

Here are the winners (in no particular order)

MAC Winners:

  • Kevin Ross, Who would like to see: “…timely revision updates for the ever-changing DVD market”
  • SunSet (Eveningsoul), Who Wrote: “Support for Linux OS would be welcome move for making WinX DVD Ripper Platinum even more better otherwise I agree with you the application is simply a gem and marvelous product without any cons.”
  • David Fasolino, Who wished for: “Support for Blu-ray DVDs would be nice.”
  • Greg Tilford, Who has experienced what all fathers have: “if you could also backup music cds but this would also help as my daughter has her favourites which once again take a beating in the hands of a child.  So if they were able to add the ability to back up music to this product it would be a great all in one option.”

WINDOWS Winners:

  • Gitesh R, wants: “They could also add and support grabbing screenshot from DVD video to .PNG and .JPEG formats, which are not available now”
  • William Throop, asks for: “Maybe some additional guidelines for quality settings could be explained.”
  • Steve Feldner, said: “I would have liked it much better if it checked for an update, told me if there was one and then gave me the option to install it, all without sending me to their webpage.”
  • Jim Colvin, who is concerned for his CPU: “To improve it, perhaps make it more efficient in its use of PC resources”
  • Thiago Rodrigo, is High-Tec: “Do you have it for Windows 7 64bits”
  • Matthew Villanueva, is also high-tec: “If it could upscale a normal DVD to 1080p like one of those fancy DVD players and then save that file as an avi, mp4, etc for playback on the computer, Zune or iPad.”
  • Karel Herbots, who agrees with 75% of our contestants: “Can’t imagine an improvement.”
  • Alan Segal, who is obviously also a parent: “Ability to retry several methods to get data from partially destroyed disk.”
  • Eva Cook, also agree with Karel: “I don’t know how you would make your program better”
  • Linda H. Guiterrez, wants improved Help files: “The one thing that I think that would make it better is if there was more explanation about each choice. […] Of course I realize that it depends on the device you intend to use for playback, but some simple guidelines for each would be very helpful.
  • Keith Hubbard, had 3 wishes: “To make it the ideal program for me; it needs to have three additional “to” sections. First, copy to ISO. […] copy to DROID […] Finally, copy to Zune HD, which is not the same as a regular Zune.”
  • Jody Leak, Who loves High-Res movies: “Blu-Ray copy, then it would be perfect!”
  • Mark McKay Feil, who can’t find flaws: “From what I’ve been able to find, I may not find anything I hate about this program” (even though his last name in Norwegian means ERROR)
  • Taff Tanner, who makes a very good argument: “Better program if it could also support blueray and other console discs – despite the different disc reading areas – wouldn’t it be cool if the coolest back up programme backed up ALL kinds of MEDIA discs from dvd to bluray to PS3 to Xbox”

Congratulations to all.

…and don’t forget: Tell all your MAC loving friends to stop by!

 Winners of WinX DVD Licenses...!!

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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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  • http://www.facebook.com/juanshapiro William Throop

    Thanks to all those responsible for yet another great Competition!

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