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Not too long ago we reviewed a PDF solution suite called Foxit Phantom PDF. The developers of Foxit later announced a competition, giving away 3 full licenses to the product. I have just received word from The people behind Foxit Phantom PDF suite. They have picked their winners. .

Foxit Phantom PDF suite

This program is the ultimate Acrobat Competitor.

So Who won ?

The three winners were selected by the Foxit Juror and will all receive their download link and serial by email directly. Congratulations to all, and to all congratulations!

The qualification Questions:

  1. What is your favorite feature within your current PDF application?
  2. Name a feature that PDF documents have over other document formats?
  3. When looking for a PDF software, do you prefer; speed, application size, security or price?

Ameya Palande:

  1. Since my current pdf application allows only pdf printing and some limited features like watermark additions, url additions etc this will be my favorite feature.
  2. Consistent format appearance on all machines irrespective of their hardware, OS installed etc. viz they appear the same everywhere. Also I find large pdf files open much faster than large word documents, openoffice documents etc. Fonts can be embedded in the document itself which is a big plus.
  3. Although all 4 are important I give a preference in the following order i) Speed ii) Price iii) Application Size iv) Security

Manoj Verma:

  1. My favorite feature is Tabbed opening of PDFs in a single window. I use Foxit Reader for PDF viewing.
  2. PDF documents maintain the current text settings (e.g. tabs, indents, paragraphs, fonts..etc) and the Formatting does not changes, whatever platform you may use. When we open the document, we get the “As Made” view, which works best when you don’t want to lose your formatting settings and save your precious time.
  3. I look for the following in the order of preference: – Price – Application Size – Security – Speed

Paulo Ferreira:

  1. My favorite feature is the ability to create high quality files and the ability to edit and annotate text, images and pages.
  2. When I think about PDF documents, opposed to other document formats, I immediately think about security (PDF format is more secure, we can protect better the documents we create) and file integrity (PDF files look like original documents).
  3. I prefer speed, and then price.

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2 thoughts on “WINNERS of the Foxit Competition”

  1. manoj says:

    Thanks a lot…

    but to www.Mintywhite.com for bringing out these competitions..

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