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Update: The winner is posted here.

Side note: The winner will receive a boxed version of Windows 7, ordered from Amazon and not just a license key.

Last week, I attempted to give away Windows 7 Home Premium, but the winner has not come forward to claim their prize. I’ve tried, multiple times, to contact them and I’ve not heard back.

The good news is I still want to give Windows 7 away to a reader; this is what I’ve decided to do:

  • I could have randomly chosen another winner; however, I didn’t expect an unclaimed prize and adding a new rule to the old competition seemed wrong.
  • I’ve decided to bump the prize up to Windows 7 Ultimate!
  • The competition will run for 77 hours and end on Sunday, September 20, 2009 @ 5 P.M. EST.


What Do I Win?

Windows 7 Ultimate (Retail: $319.99)

The competition ends on Sunday, September 20, 2009 @ 5 P.M. EST (GMT-5.) The winner will receive their copy of Windows 7 on or around October 22, 2009. There are no geographical restrictions in this competition; all entrants are welcome.

Update: The winner is posted here.

How Do I Win?

Just comment on any post on this site (including this one.) Multiple entries are okay and will increase your chances of winning. I will not consider spammy comments for entry; however, feedback, questions, answers, thoughts, and anything else that adds to the discussion is welcome. Comments made between now and competition closing will be eligible for selection.

Having trouble with the comments system? Get help here.

Competition Rules

  • You can enter this competition as many times as you like (as long as you don’t spam.)
  • There are no geographical restrictions.
  • The competition ends on Sunday, September 20, 2009 @ 5 P.M. EST (GMT-5); you will have 77 hours to claim your prize; thus, you will need to contact me by Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @ 11:59 P.M. EST (GMT -5.)
  • I will contact the winner, by private message, through the comment system’s private message feature. The winner will also be announced on this site.
  • If a winner does not come forward, a second winner will be randomly chosen.


I’m happy to answer them below.

About Rich

Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix the problems he creates.

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375 thoughts on “[Expired] Win a Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate License [Comment to Win]”

  1. John Poston says:

    Anyone! Is there a really simple way of saving old emails to load back into your mail platform after
    doing a clean install of Windows OS

  2. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi again Rich,

    Yes you were absolutely right. Unfortunately it just didn’t click with us in the beginning but as you see, we have corrected the error of our way.

    Thanks again and all the best to you – Darren & Rebecca

  3. Sandч Garrido Saunderson says:

    yeah im really excited for myself, You know the guy that came to my house to sell me this web design course just made me have £ signs as my eyes thats all i could see. Turns out its secretly fishy. Wont name any names but i dispise home courses you see on the net.

    Also i followed the tutorial on Windows 7 to get icons in the middle. it ended up with mintywhite in white writing on the side. next to my windows button. looks really amazing to be fair so im leaving MintyWhite on my desktop taskbar forever :D

    Anyways thanks for reading Rich glad to see you have time for people thats what i like to see. :D

  4. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi James,

    Happy tinkering!!!

    Best Regards – Darren & Rebecca

  5. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Dear D. Allen Ilano,

    We are doing our best!!!

    All the best to you – Darren & Rebecca

  6. Darren & Rebecca says:

    G’day Michael,

    Stone the crows and fair dinkum!! Good to hear from a fellow Aussie!!

    See ya round – Darren & Rebecca

  7. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    And a woop woop to you too!!

    Best Regards – Darren & Rebecca

  8. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi Mun,

    Yes we were in the same boat. Oh well that’s the way it goes until Microsoft lifts is public relations game!!

    Best Regards – Darren & Rebecca

  9. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi Kevin Hebert,

    Yes hopefully in one way or another, all of us can get Windows 7 legally.

    All the best to you – Darren & Rebecca

  10. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and as Rich said – sharing your story.

    We wish you all the best – Darren & Rebecca

  11. Thierry DEMORAND says:

    Congratulation to the luck winner, as I have entered the competition too late…


  12. Rich says:

    That’s a nice little trick you found there!!

  13. Jess Tura says:

    i hope im still not late…win7 is the OS from MS so far!

  14. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi John,

    If you use Mozilla Thunderbird, you can use their free program called mozbackup. Just type it into google and you should find it.
    Best Regards – Darren & Rebecca

  15. John Poston says:

    On Sep 20, 2009, at 4:11 PM, JS-Kit.com Comments wrote:

  16. Sandч Garrido Saunderson says:

    It now has my name there ;) it looks like iv really personalised things. I posted an image of it on the tutorial for this

  17. Sandч Garrido Saunderson says:

    Thanks Darren & Rebecca,

    appreciate the praises :D

    Thanks :D x

  18. Tiger Deva Devainthran Sundrasagaran says:

    hope i get it plssssssss thanksssss god bless

  19. Darren & Rebecca says:

    Hi again Sandy,

    Forgot to mention happy birthday for your 18th – Have a good day.

    Best Regards – Darren & Rebecca.

  20. Mosquiton Mosquiton says:

    If i win ill be very happy.

  21. Charles Cook says:

    Well, I thought that I would never be able to comment… and that is mycomment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Michael Knight says:

    I think Windows 7 will be the best MS OS Since Windows XP!

  23. Kara Pollington says:

    Can’t wait for Windows 7

  24. John Ridgley says:

    Really appreciate having another chance to win Windows 7.

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