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logoA few weeks ago we posted a full review of Screenpresso, which is an excellent screen capturing tool for Windows. The Screenpresso team is kind enough to let us have 5 Screenpresso Pro licenses (each license costs about $28) for Windows Guides readers. Don’t miss this great opportunity to win yourself a Pro version of Screenpresso!

What Do I Win?

A copy of Screenpresso Pro worth $28.

How Do I Win?

There are only a few steps to win a copy of Screenpresso Pro:

Step 1: Check out our review Screenpresso and download Screenpresso FREE and install (or run it as portable app if you do not wish to install.)

Step 2: Send a screenshot of your beautiful desktop to the built-in min.us sharing option (no registration required). Use the built-in editor to tell us what’s on your desktop. Example of the link and image.

Step 3: Comment on this post with:

  1. The link to your screenshot on min.us (or other image sharing website if you prefer.)
  2. Any suggestions you have for the Screenpresso team (counts as a second entry to double your chance of winning.)
  3. Your Twitter username/Facebook profile link or another way to contact you if you win.


  • Like Windows Guides on Facebook
  • Follow Screenpresso on Twitter
  • Share this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Stumbleupon etc.

Terms and Conditions

a) Giveaway is open to everyone, regardless of geographic location.

b) Each reader can have a maximum of two (2) entries (one for a screenshot and one for a suggestion to the Screenpresso team.) Extra comments will not be counted as an entry.

c) Each reader can only win one (1) license for Screenpresso Pro.

d) Giveaway entry deadline is 7th of March 2011, 00.00 AM GMT.

e) The winner will be randomly selected from eligible comments.

f) 5 copies of Screenpresso Pro are available for the giveaway.

g) Windows Guides decision is final.

Once we choose the winners, we’ll notify you via the contact method you left in the comments.

Good luck guys!

About ghost301

Biomedical Engineer graduate in Malaysia, currently Software Application Engineer and UI/UX Designer in Materialise. Graphic Design/UI/UX/Tech/Formula 1/Gadget/Android/iOS Enthusiast. Windows Guides writer (www.mintywhite.com) and run Techie Talkz.

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14 thoughts on “Screenpresso Pro Giveaway [Competition]”

  1. W Prins says:

    After your advice I tried Screenpresso. And removed it after one hour of trying, trying again, drinking coffee, putting the crosshair in another corner. Never managed to capture a website that is larger than my screen.
    Not for me,

    1. Taylor Ling says:

      Hi Wim,

      Do you mean you want to capture a full web page which requires scrolling?

      Press Shift+Print Screen for a few seconds, you should see a tutorial on how to capture a full webpage using their auto-stitching mecahnism.

      Give it another try? :)


  2. Kliton 00 says:

    Owouwwww this is my favorite program Screenpresso Pro,but i dont have the serial,I need this pleaseeee!!

    1. Taylor Ling says:


      I am glad that you like the software. Is it possible for you to follow the instruction above to make yourself eligible for the giveaway?

      Thanks. :)


      1. Kliton 00 says:

        Yes I’ve done it all, but if I should do something else, please tell me , I have more need for this program.

        I am from Albania and can not write English very well, so you apologize for my poor English.

        I Shared 2 times in twiter and facebook

  3. Kliton 00 says:

    I share this in the twiter thanks for you.

  4. Cody Izzo says:

    I would really love a chance to Win!

    Here is my Screenshot – http://min.us/mvodpBH#1

    Thanks for the chance!

    I have a couple Suggestions:
    1. Make thing easier to delete when editing. (Like Text Boxes or Arrows)
    2. When something is on the very right side of the screen, you cannot edit it because the Edit Box Open’s on the Right Side, off the Screen. When it is near the edge make it pop up on the other side so we can see it.

    My Twitter username is “MadDogTen”, here is a link: http://twitter.com/#!/MadDogTen

    Thanks for the chance and I wish everyone good luck!

  5. Kliton 00 says:

    Is The Best screen capture

    My Name in twitter Kliton_

    I share this and the facebook.

    Thanks For You.

  6. mahsum imre says:

    Thanks ,count me in please.


  7. Kliton 00 says:

    My Desktop

    I like thi program.

  8. Kliton 00 says:

    Please you can send the license to my e-mail kliton.00 @ gmail.com,I read on Twitter that I was one of the selected person who had win the license for Screenpresso, but I do not understand English well because i am from Albania, I do not understand who is the DM for sending e-mail
    My Email is


  9. Lococob10 says:

    Has this ended? If so, how do we find out who won?

    1. Taylor Ling says:


      Yes, the competition has ended. The winners have been informed via their twitter handles and the license key has been sent to their email address.


  10. Taylor Ling says:

    Not problem, hope you enjoy the application!

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