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snag it01 [Expired] Competition: Two Copies of SnagIt 9 Up for Grabs

I have two copies of SnagIt to share with readers! SnagIt, in my opinion, is the best screen capture tool available for Windows. With SnagIt, you can take screenshots and organize them easily. SnagIt comes with many built in functions that make it so easy to capture your screen that I now use it as my primary screen capture tool for Windows Guides. More about the program after the competition details.

Competition Details

To be eligible to win a copy of SnagIt, worth $49.99, do the following:

  1. Subscribe to the Windows Guides email feed

  2. Comment below (using the same email address) and tell me what you’ll capture with SnagIt

Entires must be in by Sunday, April 26, 2009 by 9PM MDT. The two (2) winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, April 27, 2009.

Please note: your comment may not show for two or more days as I am traveling this week.

More about SnagIt

As mentioned above, SnagIt is a screen capture tool that will capture your screen and even capture screencasts. There are so many functions that you’ll keep finding new gems all the time!

In this review, I found the OneClick tool, pictured below, which sits at the side of your screen and gives you quick access to capture tools. I’ve been using SnagIt for over a year and I just came across this!

snag it02 [Expired] Competition: Two Copies of SnagIt 9 Up for Grabs

Other tools include the SnagIt editor, which is a fully fledged image editing tool, which helps you annotate your screenshots.

snag it03 [Expired] Competition: Two Copies of SnagIt 9 Up for Grabs

Want to help your friends with some screen-driven guides, or want to make amazing documentation at work? This is the tool for you!

Download SnagIt

download64 [Expired] Competition: Two Copies of SnagIt 9 Up for Grabs You can download a fully-functional 30-day trial of SnagIt here

 [Expired] Competition: Two Copies of SnagIt 9 Up for Grabs

About Rich

Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix the problems he creates.

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  • Abhishek

    I hope I may win this time. Thanks anyways for this oppurtunity.

  • Steve L.

    I’ve got about 150 techs to train at work on how to do blackberry enterprise junior administration as well as troubleshooting, plus I do all the documentation for new apps that we deploy for our 12k+ userbase so I’d definitely put some miles on this app…lol

  • John MacKinnon

    Snag-it would come in handy to grab sections of certain websites without having to bookmark them all the time.

  • pwalkz

    Love Snagit to produce some demos of my Delphi software, including eRun and Star*Notes

  • Bud Lesh

    Snagit 9, what a hot app.! Sure wouldn’t object to getting it free.

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