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competition51 [Expired] 5 More Simple Competitions (17 23 Nov)

This week I’m giving away lots of prizes again; thank you to the respective software vendors. Just do the following to have a chance at winning them:

NOTE: You may enter all five competitions.

tour number01 [Expired] 5 More Simple Competitions (17 23 Nov) Download the mintywhite browser toolbar
(Already have it? Move to step 2.)
tour number02 [Expired] 5 More Simple Competitions (17 23 Nov) Email me (Subject is listed below i.e. Type Booster is “TYPE”)
tour number03 [Expired] 5 More Simple Competitions (17 23 Nov) Answer the question and click Send to be automatically entered into the competition for the prize.

NOTE: There is no right answer, so share your thoughts



How can I win it?

Type Booster

Save time typing and teach your computer to do most of the typing for you [Review] Subject: TYPE

Question: How often do you use the toolbar to check your email?

AVS Video Editor

Make Hollywood-style movies on your PC easily [Review] Subject: VIDEO

Question: How often do you listen to the radio with the toolbar?


Remove unwanted objects from  your pictures easily [Review] Subject: INPAINT

Question: Have you recommended (or would you recommend) the toolbar to a friend?

ShellLess Explorer

Tabbed browsing in Windows Explorer, to-do tasks for your files and more… [Review] Subject: SHELL

Question: What would you remove from the toolbar?

Startup Defender

Startup your computer much more quickly [Review] Subject: START

Question: What else would you like to see on the Toolbar?

Competition Information

Here are a few details you should know:

  • If you email me, I wont sell your address–EVER… or give it away. Your privacy is guaranteed
  • You can enter all five competitions; however, you can win a maximum of one (1) prize. This prize will be the first you qualify for
  • The competitions end on Nov 23, 2008 at 7 P.M. MDT; the winners will be announced on this site on Monday Nov 24, 2008

Good luck everyone!

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