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Last week we reviewed Nitro PDF Professional the affordable feature packed PDF-Suite Nitro Professional (Click to read). The nice people at Nitro PDF Software and their Executive Director Richard Crocker were so happy about out review that they came up with no less than 10 licenses of their Pro Edition for some of our lucky readers.

After reading over 50 competition entries the jury have reached their verdict. It was an overwhelming task and a tough decision. There is no doubt that we have many deserving and lojal readers out there and the Jury would have loved to give each and one a prize. With that being said I know you are curious to see who won; so without further ado, here are the votes from the Mintywhite Jurors:

Each of the following get one licensed copy of Nitro Professional 6

And this is what they said to convince us:

Seth Emont

[…]I particularly like the review and editing features of this software.  Aside from this, the important function of document conversion to PDF has to be accurate and this software fits the bill.  It can easily convert word documents and graphics virtually error-free and without loss of resolution.  I honestly believe this software is the best in its class and would love to have a license for the latest version.

Hovsep Avedissian

The Best feature that I like is that Nitropdf can also make snapshots from any desired windows for instance capturing websites and converting directly to pdf thus avoiding going through save to html as a first step.

This is good for scientist that would like to comment some interesting articles found on the web thus instant snapshots from the web page offers fats way to send a pdf draft without going to sophisticated exercise to print the web page.

Mariana Florea

The first thing I appreciate is its “smallness”, the second its simplicity and adapted look to Microsoft Office. I appreciate also the amazing accuracy in converting to Word, documents heavy loaded with complicated mathematical formulas. I work very often with such documents. […] In conclusion, my opinion is that this software does a better job and is much easier to learn and use then Adobe Acrobat.

Raman Soni

The most exciting feature I liked about NitroPro is that it creates PDF files from scanned paper documents or existing image-based PDF files. And secondly it secures documents with passwords and certificates.

Karen (f f)

The feature i like most about Nitro PDF Professional is that it works seamlessly with MS Office which i’m familiar with. I also like the nice clean user interface, easy to use menu buttons and simple one click operations.

Ranuka Perera

I have 2 favorite features in Nitro PDF. Editing existing pdf’s & exporting pdf’s to word documents.

Bob Britt

It looks and feels like it is part of my Office 2007 program. I like it’s ease of use and many features. A definite winner!

Mark Fox

The features I like in Nitro PDF Professional is the ability to provides me  with full control over PDF documents, including commenting, form-filling and authoring, digital signatures, text editing and one-click creation from Microsoft® Office

Alan Douglas

NitroPDF Pro is a fantastic tool, the true Acrobat-killer. […]I have actually come across instances where Adobe Reader couldn’t open a standard (corrupted) PDF file, but NitroPDF could.

Robert Richard

The function I like the most is the Windows Context Menu (Right click), wow that is neat! I like the editing function also. Nitro PDF Pro is the best converter from PDF to word function.

The winners will receive an email containing the instructions needed.

We thank you all for participating, and we apologize to all of you who also deserved a free copy, but did not make it this time. If you missed out, you can read about Nitro Professional here!

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6 thoughts on “10 WINNERS of Nitro PDF Professional Licenses”

  1. Ranuka Perera says:

    Yay! I won

  2. Ranuka Perera says:

    Yay! I won

  3. Ranuka Perera says:

    However, I didn’t receive an email yet. :|

  4. Ranuka Perera says:

    However, I didn’t receive an email yet. :|

  5. Ranuka Perera says:

    Finally got the key

  6. Ranuka Perera says:

    Finally got the key

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