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virtual xp02 Do You Use Windows 7s XP Mode? [Poll]In this post, we showed you how to use Windows 7’s XP mode. I use XP every day at work and I have a VM (not XP mode) of XP on my desktop for use when I am writing a Windows XP guide for this site (and that’s about all I do on that VM.)

I wanted to write some guides to help others with XP mode (i.e. how to improve performance in XP mode, how to seamlessly share files between XP mode and your host machine etc.) but before I do, I want to get a feel for how many of you even use XP mode. Please take a minute to answer the poll below and leave a comment if you want to give a more detailed option:

Thank you!

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  • TuneUp
    I use XP mode at home and have friends you use a virtual version of XP. I think it would be very helpful to see a guide on how to improve performance in XP mode. Does it matter which version we use—the enhanced mode or the basic mode?
  • Rich
    I don't have an answer to that question right now but hope my upcoming guides will address this (I haven't really used XP mode much.)
  • SRChiP
    I just use Virtualbox for all my VM needs.
  • Roy
    In the UK, I use Intuit's Quicken 2004 for Personal Finance everyday (this was the last version released in the UK!). A great piece of software which never worked on VISTA, so I had to have a PC running Windows XP. But Windows 7 Professional and XP Mode runs Quicken 2004 perfectly.
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