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I’ve done a major rework on the PC Security Handbook and the second edition is now available as a free download. Below is a changelog of some of the changes you’ll see in the new edition. As always, feedback–whether positive or constructive–is always welcome.


  • [Change] Cover page with new icon, description, and formatting.
  • [Change] New subtitle: “Defensive Computing Techniques to Help You Avoid Malware and Data Loss”
  • [Change] References to 2nd edition of the book.
  • [Change] Organized terminology in alphabetical order.
  • [Change] Modified heading structure of book to aid in navigation.


  • [Update] About the Author section to include new books and hobbies.
  • [Update] Added more tips to the How to Avoid Malware section.
  • [Update] Advice given on troubleshooting Windows update.
  • [Update] Added a link to help users keep security software up to date.
  • [Update] Removed recommendation for AVG Internet Security.
  • [Update] Added a link to help users uninstall 8 different antimalware programs.


  • [Feature] Added definitons for: crimeware, cybercrime, identity theft, rootkit, social engineering, spam, and virus hoax to the terminology section.
  • [Feature] Added internal links to help with navigation throughout the book.
  • [Feature] Link color convention to distinguish between Windows Guides, external site, and internal book links.
  • [Feature] Section explaining how to “Keep Installed Software up to Date.”
  • [Feature] Specific instructions to help users keep Flash up to date.
  • [Feature] Instructions to help users keep Google Chrome up to date.
  • [Feature] Instructions to help users keep Safari up to date.
  • [Feature] Instructions to help users keep Opera Web Browser up to date.
  • [Feature] Instructions to help users keep all other installed software up to date.
  • [Feature] Information on Windows Firewall.
  • [Feature] Recommendation for Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • [Feature] Information on how to get the most out of Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • [Feature] Information on how to Download software only from sites you know and trust.
  • [Feature] Information on how to test suspicious software in a virtual environment.
  • [Feature] Information on how to protect your computer from unauthorized access.
  • [Feature] Information on how to backup your data using Windows backup.
  • [Feature] Information on how to back up your data to optical media.
  • [Feature] Information on how to add a password to your account.


  • [Fix] Changed bulleted and numbered lists from justified text to left-aligned text.
  • [Fix] Grammar updates.
PC Security Handbook 2nd Edition

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2 thoughts on “PC Security Handbook 2nd Edition Now Available for Download”

  1. Aaron says:

    I just skimmed over this and I must say that it is VERY detailed. I am a tech savvy person and utilize MSE and other spyware software so this guide reaffirms that MSE is still an awesome program. Great job!!! Keep the great work of this site.

  2. Rich says:

    Thanks Aaron!

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