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Update: This is my first attempt at a www.mintywhite.com April Fools joke.

After nearly three months of negotiation, red tape, paperwork, phone calls, and trips to Redmond, Microsoft and I have come to an agreement on an acquisition of www.mintywhite.com. More details will follow but I want readers to be aware of what’s happening (and what will happen) around here.

In an ongoing effort, by Microsoft, to get to know their customers and help them get the most of out of Microsoft products, the Redmond, WA company wants to be part of a community that has a close connection with it’s users and their computing needs.

What does this mean for readers?

There will be no immediate changes but the future of www.mintywhite.com includes:

  • Windows Forums will change its name to Microsoft Help Central.
  • Windows Guides will be re-branded as Windows How-to Guides.
  • A team of Microsoft-employed writers will continue post creation.
  • The same quality and loyalty to readers will continue and I will stay active in the forums.

More information to come.



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