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I’d like to thank everyone who took time to share their experience with the load times on www.mintywhite.com. While my data collection was overly simplified, I felt I accomplished what I set out to do: establish how satisfied you, as readers are, with the page-load times on www.mintywhite.com. Read on for the results of the survey.

The Bad

I received a few comments about slow aspects of the site. Namely:

  • The Wibiya Toolbar (the blue toolbar at the bottom of every page.)
  • The JS-Kit comments system.
  • The TinyPic uploader on the forums.

All of these tools are loaded from sites external to www.mintywhite.com. Thus, the only control I have over these tools is to use them or not to use them. I’ll give some more thought as to whether or not I should continue to use these tools in the future.

The Good

Here are some of the positive comments I received:

Well I am responding to question about fast Mintywhite loads on my connection. I run on a 20mb cable/dsl connection and that could factor it alot. But I not have any issue at all. Loads in less than a second. Love your sit and wish I could finally win one of your give aways. Anyways keep up the great work

I have no problems in downloading your e-Mails

Minty White always loads very quickly on my Laptop considering I am using a wifi to connect to the internet.My Desktop connected through cable also quick to load.

For me Mintywhite loads up relatively quickly! I have never had any problems.

Mintywhite loads fast here in my U’K location .ISP’s in the U/K vary widely and U/K average speeds are well below many countries.
My speed of around 7Mb/s is above average for the U/K as a whole..but faster options are becoming more available as the U/K “men in suits” are beginning to get their act together !
Mintywhite loads almost instantaneous and I never have any issues with loading or any “lag” of any kind..Thanks for the efforts you put in with regard to the site ..and thanks too for a great community forum…Regards from the U/K ….

Loaded almost instantly on 32 bit. Didn’t try 64. I have Windows 7.

I have 256kbps connection with a download speed of 30kbps website loaded in about 5-6 sec in chrome4

Hi there!!
I think it’s workng fine…. I’m in South Africa and I’ve never experienced any loss of speed from your site.
Take care!!!

Load time for mintywhite website seems OK to me.
Running Win7 Ultimate

In response to your recent feed question about how long Minty White takes to load, OK, here at work, it was exactly 3 seconds (excellent)…for everything to load, all banners, the bottom toolbar, etc. My guess at home it will take about 5 seconds to load since I have a wireless broadband card (Sprint), and here at work my Internet connection is much better (I think we have a T1 line here). Hope this helps.

Your website loads at a normal rate, not superfast, but not slowly either. On the other hand I noticed that your emails I receive, none of the images will load. I use Yahoo mail.

Fast I use broadband.

its pretty fast..

(Just love your newsletters. I often refer my members to them. )
Your newsletter loaded in 5 seconds. However, I can’t see the Form in thismlatest message, to fill in your survey.
good luck with your decision!

I have no problems with the speed at all
Please keep it coming!

Your site loads in a few seconds on My computer. I don’t use the forums very often but I read most all of You articles.

I rated it 10 today Rich.
It loaded very fast indeed even from here, Brazil.

I’m using the Extended Status Bar extension for Firefox for the info and I’m located in the UK. Fully loading http://www.mintywhite.com/ takes between 5.6 to 6.7 secs (37.3 – 57.1KB/s) over five access attempts (cache deleted between each) on an 8Mb connection, Win7 64, Firefox 3.6 – for comparison http://www.microsoft.com fully loaded took between 1.8 an 4.3 secs. Accessed around 11:30am GMT Monday 3/1/10. Basically it’s fine for me ;0)

Thank you to everyone above (and those I didn’t quote) who took the time to email me with feedback.

Survey Results

Here are the survey results as of Feb 28th 9:41 PM ET:

  • 25% of you rated the load speed (relative to the load speed of other sites you browse) as 10 – Very Fast.
  • 83% of you rated the load speed as a 7 or above.
  • Those who would have rated the load speed as a 1 never actually got the survey to load (just kidding… I’m hoping it’s not that bad!)

In conclusion, I am very pleased with your responses and will stay on the server configuration I have–for now.

Thank you again :)

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