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You are lucky, you know that right ? You got us over here telling you about all kinds of wonderful software that can brighten your day, or help you out in some manner. Most of which are free of charge. It can be tough remembering all the great software you’ve read about in the last 6 months and if you’re new to this place – you may have missed out on something. As you know we also host competitions on our site. Competitions that let you talk directly to software developers. Giving them your ideas and suggestions. But do they follow through ? Are they actually listening and are they implementing your ideas in their work ?

I decided to contact some of the developers we’ve reviewed in the last 6 months, asking them. Here is what they told me

Predator, secure your Computer using a USB Flash Drive (Read it)

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Richard Goutorbe wrote:

Most participants to the contest asked for taking pictures of the intruders if a webcam is available. I have started working on this new feature. Surprisingly, image acquisition is quite hard to implement in MS Dot.Net, and I am afraid it will be complete only next fall.

The new versions I published since the contest have new features I had been working on before. The most interesting one, IMO, is the ability to use several USB flash drives to protect a computer – and the trick is that these drives can’t be copied: only the flash drives initialized by PREDATOR will work. Now you can have a spare USB flash drive to unlock your PC, in case you lose your main drive.

NoteSync, The easy way to handle all your note needs (Read it)

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Brady White reports that The final release of Notesync is imminent. For some reason they need an approval from Adobe on some license matter before they can release it. But he promises this will not take long.

As to the Idea-Competition we held: Here are the top five features selected and whether or not they’ve been implemented or are in the works:

  1. Sort list by various ways – in the current version.  We had planned on doing this, but this helped solidify our decision.
  2. Shortcut key (Windows – R) – low priority for a future release.  This was new to us, and we like it.
  3. Labeling in NoteSync like in Google Docs – High Priority, but Google Docs API currently can’t support a sync engine with this feature.  Once Google fixes this, it will be within NoteSync.  We had already planned on doing this before the competition.
  4. Minimize to task bar – this was new to us, and it is in the current version.
  5. Ctr-H – we implemented this, but it turns out on a mac Command-H is reserved.  So we modified ctr-l to have the same functionality.  Definitely an improvement based on this suggestion.

It works…

So it seems that your  opinion counts  (not that we had any doubts, mind you). I am expecting more feedback from other developers and I will let you know as soon as I hear from them. Until then, keep participating in our competitions, because your opinion could change software for ever.

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    1. Rich says:

      Thanks for the follow up Thomas! I'm glad readers of www.mintywhite.com have helped developers and I appreciate you following up on their suggestions.

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