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7e224fa0 Enable Dreamscene in Windows 7 [How to]

I was very disappointed to see the Ultimate Extras seen in Windows Vista, dropped in Windows 7 (if you can call them Ultimate extras!).  DreamScene was one of my favourites, but no fear, it can be enabled in Windows 7.

Windows DreamScene is a utility that allows videos and other optimized animations to be used as desktop wallpapers

Note:  You must have Aero enabled.

Here’s how it’s done;

Step 1.

Download this executable file.  And run it.  It’ll add all the relevant registry and context items needed to get DreamScene working.

Step 2.

Head over here to find a great selection of DreamScene wallpapers to distract you!

Step 3.

Navigate to C:\Windows\Web (%windir%\web) and you’ll notice that a Windows DreamScene folder has been created for you.  Download your DreamScene wallpapers to here and you can then apply then by right clicking them and choosing  Set as Desktop Background. (Once you’ve done this, the folder will be added to your Personalization – Background drop down list).

DS1 Enable Dreamscene in Windows 7 [How to]

DS4 Enable Dreamscene in Windows 7 [How to]

You can pause/play the DreamScene by right clicking the Desktop and clicking the appropriate option.

DS2 Enable Dreamscene in Windows 7 [How to]

DS3 Enable Dreamscene in Windows 7 [How to]

Uninstalling DreamScene.

1)  To uninstall DreamScene run this registry file here.  To do this, extract the reg file from the zip folder and either double click it and click run or right click it and choose merge.

See here before modifying your registry.

2)  Navigate to C:\Windows\Web (%windir%\Web) and delete the Windows DreamScene folder within.

Known Issue.

It has sometimes been known that all desktop icon names will disappear, or become almost unreadable after installing DreamScene in this manner.  To rectify this issue, uninstall Dreamscene as stated above.

If you only have the Recycle Bin on the desktop you can always right click the bin, click rename and then hold down Alt, type 0160 & hit enter.  This will make the name disappear. ;)

(Untested on x64)

For any questions or help, please head over to the forums where you will find great assistance.


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  • Shieryar Abdul Fatah
    Thanks very much. It's really cool. But I have a little problem like DG said. The font colors are transparent that it is hard read the captions, Don't know how to change the font color. Thanks
  • Shawn Kirk
    That worked! Thanks for reporting back here. For anyone else... this worked on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit 6.1 build 7600 ... IF you follow text file exactly. Copy the 2 files ... run the REG file ... then reboot.

    Thanks again cnitin!
  • RSVR85
    Thanks for the update cnitin :)
  • cnitin
    Dreamscene for 64-bit windows 7:

    After searching on Google, i found the dreamscene files for win-7 64-bit.
    These are for win-7 beta 1 but works fine on final release of windows too (i have Win-7 64-bit 6.1 build 7600)

    Download Link:
    http://depositfiles.com/en/files/wokks9fw0 (rar archive 156.63 KB)
    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NK311RK6 (7-zip archive 147.32KB)

    You need to restart the computer for dreamscene to work though context menu option appear without restarting.
    While video is playing in background, text on desktop (shortcut names) appears blurred and rest works fine.
  • DG
    I would guess you would need .dll files for 64-bit versions.. I currently am running 32
  • Shawn Kirk
    I just tried again but this time running as Admin. Still same result. It continues to tell me it "Removed" Dreamscene successfully and then tries to restart the explorer but I manually have to run it from the Task Manager.

    Note - above I said Uninstall but the verbiage is actually "Removed"
  • Shawn Kirk
    Same question as cnitin for Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I just followed the directions above and oddly the Command Prompt window stated it successfully "uninstalled" Dreamscene. Yet it created the Windows Dreamscene folder that hadn't existed prior. This is a clean install that I didn't attempt to install Dreamscene on prior.

    I put a few Dreamscene WMV, MPG, and .Dream files in the folder but right-clicking them never produces the "Set as background" option.

    One more thing to add ... after running the installer and getting the "uninstalled" message ... the explorer interface started to reboot but never came back. I had to manually open the Task Manager and run the explorer process. I'm adding this info in case it helps and to give as much info as I can.

  • DG
    Is there a way to change the font color?
    Since I have the problem where the font color changed to a dark.. shadowy outline.
  • cnitin
    Does this method work for 64-bit Windows?

    I downloaded the Dreamscene_enabler and run it but dreamscene did not worked.

    Then I extracted the Windows7-DreamScene.exe and then found the files "DreamScene.dll" & "DreamScene.dll.mui" were not present in system32 folder, so i copied them manually and entered the the registry manually. Still dreamscene is not working.
    So i want to know whether dreamscene works on 64-bit windows or not.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • RSVR85
    Peter. Please head over here for help;
  • Peter Davies
    i download the dreamscence enabler but i get an error [Window Title]
    Windows DreamScene can anyone help me

    [Main Instruction]
    Windows DreamScene can’t run as your desktop is now configured.

    Windows DreamScene cannot run because the 'Show translucent selection rectangle' option has been disabled in the performance control panel.

    [OK]error ' show translucent selection rectrangle'
  • Rich
    Happy new year to you too. Yes, I believe there was some discussion on it in the forums.
  • skyzyk
    Great article Rich. I love learning little tricks like this. Do you know the one about "Godmode" for Control panel? If not e-mail me and I'll give you the info. Thanks and Happy New Year Rich, all the best to you and yours.

    Thank you
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