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7 Easy Tests To Check Your Internet Connection

Posted by Angel Luis On April - 27 - 201017 COMMENTS

LocalAreaNetworkIcon 7 Easy Tests To Check Your Internet Connection

Having your internet working is not something complicated but we know from experience that sometimes, for reasons we cannot control, our internet speed is slow.

It is very useful before going crazy to have a list you can check to know what exactly is happening.

As you will understand from every post I write, I don’t like formatting computers to solve problems, for me a problem is just an opportunity to learn about computers. So of course you can always format; however, this will not solve every problem.

Check your cables

As amazing as it could seem most internet problems are due to a badconnection between your computer and the router. Remember to first check if the cable is connected properly and the network card shows an intermittent light. In Windows 7 you will see the following icon appearing from time to time.

BadCableConnection 7 Easy Tests To Check Your Internet Connection

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202px Remote Assistance Icon Use Remote Assistance to Get Help, with Your PC, from a FriendIf you’re having PC troubles and you have a friend that’s good with computers. You may want to call upon them to help you with your issue. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make a request using Remote Assistance, which is built in to Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Please note: As someone who knows a little about computers, I am often asked to help others. I love helping others, but sometimes I simply don’t have time. Please respect the time of those who help you as you would respect a friend who is a car mechanic, when you need help with your car.

If you’re the person giving the help, direct the person here so they’ll know what to do. Here’s a shortlink for the page: http://tinyurl.com/yezwv5w

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I know, there are tons of sites and applications trying to make a living out of fixing your Windows Problems. The reason for this is mainly because Microsoft’s Solutions Center has always been so high-tech, and not very user-friendly.

Finding solutions to common Windows problems using the Microsoft Website has always been a daunting task. Making you read through tons of more or less useless Tech Information that the common user cannot make any sense of.

Now, Microsoft is finally trying to make amends, by offering a new free product called: “Fix it” .

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Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?

Posted by Angel Luis On April - 23 - 20102 COMMENTS

ComputerIcon Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?
Finding bottleneck is a very complicated task, but it is more complicated if we talk about what happens at boot times.
Have a slow boot computer?  Continue reading and you will find how to solve it
Don’t forget to leave a comment including what process is consuming your CPU.

The post is written using Windows 7 but this work for Windows XP or Windows Vista.

First you have to download the free Sysinternals process monitor utility.

Move the cursor to the downloaded program and press the right mouse button, then you select Extract All as you see on the image:

ProcessMonitorExtractAll Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?

Extract it in the folder you wish. Now run the Process Monitor Program using Run as administrator:

ProcessMonitorRunAsAdministator Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?

Once it opens, go to the file menu and deselect capture events:

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your computer risk Why Am I Told Your computer might be at risk When I Start My Computer?

If I’m keeping track correctly, I’ve been asked this same question seven times since I started running this website. In fact, I asked myself this question a few years ago: “why does my computer tell me it may be a risk every time I start my PC?” Now, I could drag this guide out and try and sound really smart; however, I want to keep this simple.

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skydriveHero SDExplorer: Get Windows Live Skydrive on your desktop These days there are so much talk about Cloudware (a.k.a software that you access through internet). And Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind like they were back in the 1990’ies when they thought Internet were only going to be a hype.

One of the latest additions to Microsoft’s “Cloud Solution” is “Windows Live SkyDrive”, an online Storage Solution.

If you’re already using it, you already know that Windows Live SkyDrive is somewhat clunky and not very user-friendly. The web interface “add files” section only allows you to add one file at a time in individual fields. The existing ActiveX Controls that would allow you to Drag’n’Drop – only works in Internet Explorer.

Luckily there is a solution.

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