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Show/Hide Control Panel Options [How To]

Posted by Rich On January - 6 - 2009

Customize Control Panel Items
The control panel is the portal to make many changes on your computer. If you would like to restrict control panel items access, follow this guide.

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Use Naming Conventions to Organize Your Data

Posted by Rich On November - 10 - 2008

Here you may see the naming conventions I use for my files, this is here just as a guide to get you started on your own system. I set many of these conventions many years ago, but they work. Experience has given me newer ideas, some of which I am currently using.

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Windows Guides File Organization Series

Posted by Rich On November - 10 - 2008

Guides to Help You Organize Your Computer Files

This week, I’m going to run a series of guides that will help you get on top of file organization on your computer.

The following five guides help you create naming conventions, take control of file names on your computer, and find duplicate files. Personally, I always keep my files named properly and I rarely, if ever, lose files. I encourage you to do the same and in these guides I’ll offer you a few tips to get you started.

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Will Windows 7 be a Worthwhile Upgrade?

Posted by Rich On November - 8 - 2008

An In-depth Look at Windows 7

A few days ago, I shared my initial thoughts on Windows 7. After spending more time with the operating system, here’s an update.

I agree that Microsoft ran a little faster than they knew how with Vista, which hurt them a lot. Windows 7 better be good, or people will either stick with XP until 2013, or switch to Linux, Mac, or the next big OS (will there be one soon?)

In this review, I’ll explore some of the new features Windows 7 brings and whether I like them or not. I’ll take a look at updated core applications, desktop and window management, home networking, and built-in troubleshooting. Then you decide… is Windows 7 a worthwhile upgrade?

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My Initial Thoughts on Windows Seven

Posted by Rich On November - 6 - 2008

UPDATE: I’ve done a more comprehensive review here: Will Windows 7 be a Worthwhile Upgrade?

After a few hours exploring Windows 7, here is what I’ve found so far. Following are my likes and dislikes of the “standard” interface.

As you probably already know: if you don’t like something in Windows, you can usually change it to make it work the way you like. My thoughts focus on the default set up of Windows 7 M3.

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36 of the Newest Windows 7 UI Screenshots

Posted by Rich On October - 29 - 2008

Windows 7 - Desktop

Enjoy this collection of Windows 7 UI Screenshots that surfaced during PDC 2008.

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