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Remove Viruses And Malware in Safe Mode [How To]

Posted by Angel Luis On October - 8 - 2010

Being infected by virus or malware is something very common these days. Sometimes it’s very hard to remove these infections. Modern forms of malware try to avoid detection by altering the Operating System. Others attack your antivirus so it cannot work properly. This means that if you get infected by a virus newer than your antivirus definitions there is a chance you can’t get rid of it.

In this post I am going to address this problem and show you a way to solve it.

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I stumbled upon this neat trick a little while ago and thought it would be a good share for the rest of you “Media Junkies” out there.  While we do have to wait a little over a week to get Google TV here in the states, which will combine over-the-air broadcast TV from your set-top box and videos you can access over the net, this little fix brings that to you now if you’re running Windows Media Center. It combines the beauty and ease of use from Windows Media Center with the vast amounts of content available on Hulu.

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Aerofoil reduces your computer’s power consumption when it is running on battery. It does this by automatically switching off some features, like the Aero glass interface, Windows sidebar, muting the sound etc. when your notebook is running on battery.

It can also switch across different Windows power plans, enabling one power plan when plugged in and a different one when running on battery.

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Back up Important Files when You are Working on them [How To]

Posted by Angel Luis On October - 7 - 2010

These days it’s common that an application fails while in use. It’s no mystery why programs have auto save features and even can recover from a disaster. These new features make you think is impossible that you can lose data. We feel very comfortable because it seems that nothings bad is going to happen. How many people do you know that have never done a back up?

Another problem is that we are humans and it is very common that we make mistakes. Have you ever worked on a document for hours and then realized that it was better before? Some can say that Windows has the Previous Version feature but for me it is not enough.

We are going to see today how to configure Windows 7 to backup files while you work on them. Read the rest of this entry »

If you receive errors when using Windows Update (see the errors in the table below), the System Update Readiness Tool will check for inconsistencies and fix them so you can continue to update your computer through Windows Update. The System Update Readiness Tool is used for:

  • Windows Vista-based computers
  • Windows Server 2008-based computers
  • Windows Server 2008 R2-based computers
  • Windows 7-based computers

This update should download automatically; however, if you are still receiving errors, you should download and run the System Update Readiness Tool manually. Learn, in this guide, more about the tool, where to get it, and how to run it.

Please note: Just to reiterate the above, you should only manually download and install this update if you are experiencing unresolved errors (listed below) with Windows Update.

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Many of the guides on this site are specific to an operating system. If you don’t know what operating system you are using, this tip will help you find out (regardless of what theme or customizations may be in place.)

Windows Guides reader RedDawg offers the following tip for the easiest method:

Try holding the ‘Windows Logo key’ and tap ‘Pause / Break’ key

The easiest way Another way to know which operating system you are using and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit is to:
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