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Lock your Keyboard and Mouse, Not your Computer

Posted by Thomas On May - 21 - 2010

If you have cats or other pets (and kids) running loose around your house, you might have experienced that when you go away for a few minutes, you return to a document where they have “typed” their own indecipherable language. Might be a fun read, at first. But if this get to be an annoying situation, what do you do ?

Lock your Computer ?

Well, yes, you can do that. It’s just that, it too gets quite annoying over time. It takes too much time to “recover” from the Locked State. Even using the Windows-Key + L combination. If only you could type the Windows-Key + L combination to Unlock as well (Microsoft; if you’re reading this, it’s a free tip for you).

Lock Only your Keyboard and/or Mouse

I have come across a small freeware that let you not only lock your keyboard and Mouse, but also lets you decide HOW locked down they should be, while keeping the rest of your computer Un-Locked.

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Local Area Network IconAre your children always using Facebook? Or is your brother always using your computer?You will find here a way to control access to websites at certain times.

We will do this in Windows 7 but you can do it in all Windows versions.

This post will use the hosts file and two tasks. The host file is stored in %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ and its function is mapping  host names and IP addresses. Before DNS or WINS act the local host do this mapping so is the ideal place for controlling access to Web Pages.

So let start:

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5 Easy Ways to Uninstall Toolbars In Internet Explorer 8

Posted by Angel Luis On May - 1 - 2010

Internet Explorer Icon
I do not like toolbars, even as there are a lot them that are valid software, for me is a way to loss part of my screen, and performance. Many malware programs use these to track your movements on internet.
You have to follow these solutions one by one, beginning with the first.

With The Uninstaller

We are going to the basic. Maybe it sounds a little too obvious, but the best way is using the uninstaller that came with the application.

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Microsoft FixIT Center Fixes Problems with Windows

Posted by Thomas On April - 24 - 2010

I know, there are tons of sites and applications trying to make a living out of fixing your Windows Problems. The reason for this is mainly because Microsoft’s Solutions Center has always been so high-tech, and not very user-friendly.

Finding solutions to common Windows problems using the Microsoft Website has always been a daunting task. Making you read through tons of more or less useless Tech Information that the common user cannot make any sense of.

Now, Microsoft is finally trying to make amends, by offering a new free product called: “Fix it” .

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When you first set up a Windows 7 machine, there are a few key things you should do. Whether you just installed a clean version of Windows 7 or bought a brand-name PC from the store with Windows 7 preinstalled, this guide will help you configure your PC for optimal use. Please note: even if you don’t have a “fresh” installation of Windows 7, most of these steps will apply.

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Protect your Computer with a USB Flash Drive

Posted by Thomas On March - 20 - 2010

It’s in all the movies and TV-series where a Government Employee log on a Secure Computer. He or She insert or remove a KeyCard to log on and off. Without the KeyCard the computer is rendered useless. If you like the idea, well …

Predator, let you do exactly that !

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PROGRAM: PREDATORPROS: PREDATOR locks your PC when you are away, even if your Windows session is still opened. It is very easy to use and the security seems to be very good.

CONS: Dark interface, makes it hard to read. Tho several users can have their own key it cannot be used to Log In to different User Accounts, which would have been a great asset.

VERDICT: If you are looking for a simple way to protect your Computer while you step away from it. This what you need.

PRICE: Freeware and Paid Version ($29)


Download Link in the Article

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