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36 of the Newest Windows 7 UI Screenshots

Posted by Rich On October - 29 - 2008

Windows 7 - Desktop

Enjoy this collection of Windows 7 UI Screenshots that surfaced during PDC 2008.

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Windows 7 M3 Screenshots

Posted by Rich On September - 20 - 2008

Windows 7 M3 Screenshots
Another collection of screenshots of Windows 7. See the first collection here.

If you know the original source of these screenshots, please let me know, as I am having a hard time tracking it down.

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Windows 7 – 18 More Prototype Screenshots

Posted by Rich On May - 30 - 2008

Last week I shared 17 screenshots of Windows 7. Sadly, these aren’t official, but they look great; in my search for more, I found this great designer on DeviantArt. Here is some of his best work; please visit his page and show your appreciation.

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Windows 7 in 2010 – 17 New UI Screenshots

Posted by Rich On May - 24 - 2008

Windows 7 UI Image 11

We present 17 mock-up user interface images from the up and coming Windows 7 operating system, which is set to hit the shelves in 2010. These pictures aren’t official, but I think they look great! I have put together 18 more screenshots here.

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Windows 7 On Track For 2010 Release

Posted by Rich On April - 9 - 2008

That’s the year we’ll make contact, and not before A Microsoft source confirmed to Neowin that Windows 7 would not be released next year and that it is still on track for 2010, already disclosed earlier this year on Microsoft PressPass and Microsoft Road map charts.

Bearing in mind that 2010 is just a little under a year and a half away, it’s unreasonable to think that something would be released in between; however we can speculate that SP2 for Windows Vista will come before then and may introduce some new features making the upgrade from XP worthwhile. Pure speculation of course!

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Despite ramping up efforts to improve Vista traction in the marketplace, Microsoft is already preparing for the release of its latest operating software – codename Windows 7 – following an announcement by Bill Gates.

At the annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he expected Windows 7 to be released within the next two years, around three years after the launch of Vista.

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