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Windows 7 Runs Flawlessly on 512MB RAM

Posted by Rich On January - 10 - 2009

I have an installation of Windows 7 running really well, on 512MB RAM*, without any problems at all. I must say: “I am very impressed by this operating system.”

UPDATE: More information on running Windows 7 on 512MB RAM under normal use here.

See the task manager performance log below to see how the resources are being used. If you have an older system running on Windows XP (because Vista requires too much of the system), you may want to try Windows 7.

Windows Seven 7 Runs Flawlessly on 512MB RAM

Find out how to get a 30 day (can be extended to 120 days) trial here

*I am not using Aero and only have core programs installed.


UPDATE: You can download the RTM versions of Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, and Home Premium here (64/32-bit available.)

The links to the ISO files are up again. Get your downloads below (this image gives you a 30-day license trial — learn how to get your key here):

Windows 7 Beta ISO English (x86) 2.45 GB


Windows 7 Beta ISO English (x64) 3.16 GB


NOTE: You can extend the trial to 120 days by running the following command at the command prompt: slmgr -rearm

Windows 7 Beta Product Key and Download Available

Posted by Rich On January - 9 - 2009


After much trying [F5 Key], I got a license key.

EDIT: You may need to give your F5 (refresh) key a good work out to get a successful page load. Thanks Angad!

Do the following:

  1. Login in you Passport account, for example, here.
  2. Without closing the Passport page, open one of the following in a new tab:
    Windows 7 Beta 32-bit
    Windows 7 Beta 64-bit

Good luck!

Get the ISO format downloads here

[Thanks Lifehacker]

Windows 7 Beta Download Stalls Microsoft Servers

Posted by Rich On January - 9 - 2009


If you’re trying to download a copy of the Beta of Windows 7 today, you should probably hit the torrent trackers–looking for files named “Microsoft.Windows.7.Beta.1.Build.7000.x86.DVD-GENUiNE.iMAGE” for example.

Using the Technet servers will likely bring you to a screen like the one below:

Do you have your copy of Windows 7 yet?


Will Windows 7 be a Worthwhile Upgrade?

Posted by Rich On November - 8 - 2008

An In-depth Look at Windows 7

A few days ago, I shared my initial thoughts on Windows 7. After spending more time with the operating system, here’s an update.

I agree that Microsoft ran a little faster than they knew how with Vista, which hurt them a lot. Windows 7 better be good, or people will either stick with XP until 2013, or switch to Linux, Mac, or the next big OS (will there be one soon?)

In this review, I’ll explore some of the new features Windows 7 brings and whether I like them or not. I’ll take a look at updated core applications, desktop and window management, home networking, and built-in troubleshooting. Then you decide… is Windows 7 a worthwhile upgrade?

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My Initial Thoughts on Windows Seven

Posted by Rich On November - 6 - 2008

UPDATE: I’ve done a more comprehensive review here: Will Windows 7 be a Worthwhile Upgrade?

After a few hours exploring Windows 7, here is what I’ve found so far. Following are my likes and dislikes of the “standard” interface.

As you probably already know: if you don’t like something in Windows, you can usually change it to make it work the way you like. My thoughts focus on the default set up of Windows 7 M3.

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