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Make your own Windows 7 Start Orb [How To]

Posted by Stu On November - 20 - 2010

altWe love customising our desktops at mintywhite.  Our community have come up with some brilliant creations and provided links to some great resources.

In this How To guide I will be showing you how to create your own Start Orb for Windows 7.  I’ll be using Photoshop CS5.  Sorry to those who use alterative software.  I’m sure you’ll be able to follow using your preferred software however.

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Setup Your Windows 7 PC to Watch TV

Posted by Deck Hazen On November - 19 - 2010

Back in article #3 (add a tuner) we talked about the features available in the TV section of Windows Media Center made possible by the installation of a TV tuner card.

In this article we’ll take you through the whole process, step by step, with plenty of screen shots. The tuner for this report is the WinTV-HVR-NovaT .

Without a TV Tuner Card your Windows Media Center menu will give you the option to set it up.

I lost count (okay so it was only about 8 or 9 times) of the times people asked, in college, how my laptop stayed on when I closed the lid and moved to a different room or table. If you are in school or use your laptop and have to get up and move regularly, it can be a pain to:

  • Attempt to carry your laptop with the screen open.
  • Put your laptop on standby, walk for a couple of minutes, and then bring your laptop back out of standby.

This guide helps you learn how to keep your laptop running when you close the lid in Windows 7.

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If you use the Control Panel frequently, you may have noticed you can’t right click the shortcut in the start menu and click Pin to Taskbar. In this guide, I’ll show you how to pin the Control Panel to the taskbar and then pin your favorite apps for quick access.

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Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Windows 7 Libraries

Posted by Rich On October - 21 - 2010

add libraries 00 Windows 7: Add Libraries [How To]

Libraries were introduced with Windows 7; these libraries are special folders with special views. They are “special” because each library is an aggregate of many different folders. The default libraries include pictures, videos, music, and documents. The data in these folders is a mix of personal files and publicly shared files on the computer/network.

In this guide, we share the top 10 tips for getting the most out of Windows 7 Libraries. If we missed a tip that you feel should be included, let us know in the comments. Here’s a preview of the 10 tips:

  1. Add a New Library
  2. Customize Library Icons
  3. Delete a Library
  4. Share or Collaborate Using Libraries
  5. Change a Library’s Default Save Location
  6. Change the display order with a Library
  7. Backup Files and folders using Library
  8. Remove folders from a Library
  9. Open Explorer Into My Computer Instead Of Libraries
  10. Enable or Disable Libraries

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I stumbled upon this neat trick a little while ago and thought it would be a good share for the rest of you “Media Junkies” out there.  While we do have to wait a little over a week to get Google TV here in the states, which will combine over-the-air broadcast TV from your set-top box and videos you can access over the net, this little fix brings that to you now if you’re running Windows Media Center. It combines the beauty and ease of use from Windows Media Center with the vast amounts of content available on Hulu.

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