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open mintywhite 01 Shortcut to Any Website on Your Desktop Context Menu [How To]

I check Gmail a lot and used to have it as a secondary tab in my home page when Firefox starts. I recently decided to try and add Gmail to the desktop context menu and now I want to share this trick with you. I’ve also included a file you can use to add www.mintywhite.com to your desktop context menu too.

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Customize Windows 7 Send To Menu [How To]

Posted by Rich On March - 10 - 200911 COMMENTS

customize sendto menu 00 Customize Windows 7 Send To Menu [How To]

There are likely some folders on your computer that you spend a great deal of time clicking through folders to get to. Hopefully you have some kind of shortcut set up to get to them.

In this guide you’ll learn how to do one better by customizing the send to menu – enabling you to send files to a folder without opening it; thus, eliminating the need to navigate through your folders all the time.

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Windows 7: Change Library Icons [How To]

Posted by Rich On February - 2 - 200912 COMMENTS

Dishant has written a new post, this time, on changing library icons in Windows 7, over on Windows Forums.

Thanks (again) Dishant!

Dishant has written a helpful post, on disabling the “Aero Snap” feature in Windows 7, on Windows Forums.

Thanks (again) Dishant!

Dishant has written a helpful post, on adding a ‘Delete Folder Contents’ to the right-click context menu, on Windows Forums.

This guide works for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Thanks Dishant!

Hide Unwanted Windows Updates [How To]

Posted by Guest Post On January - 26 - 20092 COMMENTS

In this guest post, Angela explores how to hide Windows updates. Learn more about Angela at the conclusion of this post.

Recently, I was offered an update from Windows that I didn’t need. The update was tagged “Optional” and was for Office Live add-in. It wasn’t important or critical, and I’m not sure why the update was even offered.

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