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Recently, rsvr85 taught how to customize the Windows 7 start orb. If you’re looking for some custom Start Orb images, find them here on Windows Forums. If you’d like to remove the Start button (and use the Windows key instead), you can do that too.

Custom Start Orb Images


If you’d like to add a watermark to your desktop (or customize the one that comes with the near-to-expiration RC), download SevenWatermarkChanger.

Reset the Notification Area in Windows 7 [How To]

Posted by Stu On January - 27 - 20101 COMMENT

A small annoyance in Windows 7 is the fact that it doesn’t remove old notification icons from the taskbar. After a while a lot of old icons will still be present with no obvious way to remove them.  This is easily remedied and this guide will show you how to do it, manually.

[UPDATE]-For those wishing for an automated solution, see here.

This guide does involve editing the registry, please see here before proceeding.

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SevenSuperHiddenCreator Hides Folders on Your PC

Posted by Rich On January - 25 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Windows Forums member Batu has created a third tool for Windows 7. This tool hides folders on your PC until you decide to show them again.

More information and download.

Windows Forums member, Batu, has created a second, useful tool for Windows 7. Recently, RSVR85 showed you how to change drive icons in Windows 7. This tool expands upon that concept and does the hard work for you. I tested this tool and it works great.

More information and download.

Custom Windows 7 Library Icons Pack

Posted by Rich On January - 18 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

If you’d like to customize your Windows 7 library icons to the ones below, you can download them and learn how to install them here.

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

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