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wallpaper Windows 7 Backgrounds & Desktop Wallpaper All You Need to KnowOn Windows Guides, we feature lots of desktop wallpaper packs, which you can browse to find the perfect wallpaper for your website. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about wallpaper. Specifically:

  • What is screen/display resolution?
  • How to find and change your desktop resolution.
  • How to view fonts at high resolution.
  • Where to get wallpaper.
  • How to manipulate your wallpaper & background.
  • How to automatically rotate wallpaper in a slideshow.

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device icons03 Use Windows 7s High resolution Device Icons for your Shortcuts and Folders [How To]Those familiar with Windows guides know that we like icons around here and we enjoy customizing a computer. in this guide, I will show you where to find Windows 7’s high-resolution device icons and how to use them on your folders and shortcuts.

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Disable Burn-To-Disk Function in Windows [How To]

Posted by Thomas On March - 11 - 20103 COMMENTS

Burn Disk icon Disable Burn To Disk Function in Windows [How To]The improved Disk Burn function in Windows 7 allows you to burn files to a disk on the fly, and it doesn’t close the session until you eject the disk. Which is a great tool to use if you continuously want to save backups of your files and documents.

There might, however, be  some reasons to shut this feature off. Like, when my kids discovered the burn to disk feature, they tried to “make movies” by placing tons of YouTube links on the disk and burn them. Suddenly my stash of 50 DVD’s were gone. Filled with nothing useful what so ever.

Therefor, I needed a way to disable the Burn To Disk Function in my Windows 7. Now This may also work in Vista, tho I haven’t tested it.

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1 Remove Gadgets & Screen Resolution from Context Menu [How To]

I love Windows 7, I think it’s a great operating system.  There are a few things however that I do not like.

This guide is going to show you how you can remove the Screen resolution, Gadgets & Personalize from the Desktop context menu.

I really can’t understand why MS have put these two here. Especially Screen resolution, once you’ve set your resolution, under most circumstances you’ll likely never click it again (to be honest, you probably didn’t use it in the first place), why put it pride of place in this context menu?  Surely other commands would be much more useful.  Restarting Explorer for perhaps?

I’m not a lover of gadgets either, I like a nice clean Desktop to work in.  This context menu item for me, has to go.

For anyone who is the same as me and can’t understand why these 2 entries are here and too, have no need for them and want to remove them, you’ve come to the right place!

This guide involves editing the registry, please see here before modifying it at all.

Usually all we would have to do is delete a key or two from the registry.

This guide is a little more involved however and requires permission changes to the registry.  Sounds scary I know but as long as you’ve had a look here, understand the risks and follow the guide to a tee, all will be fine and dandy! Read the rest of this entry »

taskbar 650x218 Enable or Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Previews in Windows 7 [How To]
One of the better improvements to the Windows 7 taskbar is the thumbnail preview – at least that’s my opinion. I also like the group function and that I can close a running application directly from the thumbnail view. However, should you for any reason want to disable the Thumbnails, here is how to do so.

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ContextMenu Really Take Control over Your Right click Context Menu [How To]In a Previous post we showed you how to add CopyTo and MoveTo functions to the Context Menu (Read it Here).

One of our readers asked:
Where would one find the values associated with different functions?
What other kinds of functions could be added in this manner?

Well, Alan – I think I’ve just come up with an answer.



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