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MonitorSwitch 500x298 Move Windows Between Monitors with MonitorSwitchDo you have a multiple monitor setup ? I do – and I love it. I can’t begin to imagine how I ever managed without it.
As you know, moving windows between the monitors can be a tedious task, if you always drag them back and forth.

Now I’ve come across a freeware tool, that allow you to move windows between monitors with a single click.

It’s called MonitorSwitch and work on all Windows Platforms. And best of all it’s Freeware…

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RightClick folderPRint Print Content of Directory from your Context Menu [How To]If you are in need of printing out the content of your folders, more regularly than often – you have probably already got a freeware of sort to help you do that. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could right-click a folder and choose “Print Directory” instead ?

Well, I found out how to do so.

With a small executable batch-file, and a little registry tweak you can create a Context-Menu that, will print the content of any folder. Simply Right Click the folder name, Choose: Print Directory and: Voila.

To all you freeware developers out there… I’m so Sorry …

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4 26 2010 11 05 37 AM AdSevenShutdownControl Control Your Shutdown & Much More!

Windows Forums member Batupata has created an advanced version of his SevenShutdownControl tool that can be used to control when your computer shuts down, restarts, hibernates etc. This is a great tool if you want your video to finish conversion and download to complete but have to leave your PC. Or if you want to save energy overnight by automatically shutting down your PC at a certain time.

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I recently wrote a guest post for TuneUp’s blog about how to set up an automatic wallpaper slideshow in Windows 7:

Changing your desktop wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to customize your desktop. Windows 7 comes with a great new feature that lets you rotate your wallpapers in a slideshow. In this blog post, you will learn how to create a slideshow with your favorite desktop wallpapers in Windows 7. We’ll cover the following:

  1. Where to find free, high-quality wallpapers online
  2. How to set a desktop background
  3. How to set a wallpaper slideshow

Continued: Set an Automatic Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 7

When you first set up a Windows 7 machine, there are a few key things you should do. Whether you just installed a clean version of Windows 7 or bought a brand-name PC from the store with Windows 7 preinstalled, this guide will help you configure your PC for optimal use. Please note: even if you don’t have a “fresh” installation of Windows 7, most of these steps will apply.

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monitor Change Windows Logon Background WITHOUT 3rd party software [How To]If you want to change your Windows 7 Logon Background you would normally be advised to download a 3rd party application to do the job for you. With this Registry Tweak you don’t have to.

Remember, since this does involve editing the Registry you should take a backup before you start, but you already know that don’t you :-) If you’re new to editing the registry, start here.

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