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Following my previous article about how to change the “Shutdown” button, I have had some PC’s on our network, that are shared by many users, that needed to have all options except “Log-off” removed.

In my previous article I explained how to change the function of the “Shutdown” button to “Log off”. Now I’ll show you how to remove the other options you see on the little side-menu when you hover over the arrow next to the “Log off” button.

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Recently I have had the need to change the power-button on the start menu for some users to the option to “log-off” rather than “shutdown”.

Shutdown button2 500x495 Change Default Power Button Setting Action in Windows 7 for All Users [How To]

Shutdown button

This is quite easy on a user by user basis. For each user you can follow the steps by right-clicking on the Taskbar, clicking on properties.

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New to using the command prompt? Check out the Windows Command Prompt Beginner’s Guide

console03 Customize the Appearance of the Command Prompt in Windows [How To]

Earlier today, we looked at how to launch the command prompt in Windows and how to run it with elevated permissions as an administrator. Now, we’ll learn how to customize the user interface of the command prompt. Specifically, we’ll learn the following:

  • How to Customize the Command Prompt
  • How to run a Transparent Command Prompt

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Use RSS Feeds as Desktop Background [How To]

Posted by Thomas On August - 30 - 20105 COMMENTS

ways gain rss Use RSS Feeds as Desktop Background [How To]Back in Windows XP you had a feature called Active Desktop to easily take care of features such as using a webpage as your wallpaper. This has been taken off Windows since Vista and there is no inbuilt program or utility that will let you add an RSS slide show theme. So you have to do some manual work to get it working. I’m sure that wont scare you off, now does it ?

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Tidy your ‘Send to’ Menu [Quick Tip]

Posted by Stu On August - 25 - 20104 COMMENTS

114 9 256x256x32 Tidy your ‘Send to’ Menu [Quick Tip]

After installing some software, an entry appears in your Send To Desktop context menu.

If you’ve a plethora of software installed on your system, this context menu can become cluttered and not as useful as intended my Microsoft.

This Quick Tip is going to show you how to tidy up your Send to menu.

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customize drive icons01 Customize Windows 7 Drive Icons with AdSevenDriveIconChanger

If you’d like to customize your drive icons like in the image above, you can do it with AdSevenDriveIconChanger.

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