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If you’re all about customization, you have probably spent time on this site looking at the wallpapers, icons, fonts, screen savers, and more. One of the things I like to do is make my computer look unique–without going over the top. In this guide, you’ll learn how to give your wireless/wired network a specific icon. If you use different networks on your computer (presumably a laptop), these icons can help you identify the network you need and also look great.

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Customize Windows Vista/7 Media Center

Posted by Rich On June - 30 - 20093 COMMENTS

Update: A series, dedicated to W7MC customization is now available: Customize Windows 7 Media Center.

If you would like to learn how to customize Windows Media Center, rsvr85 has written a comprehensive guide over in the forums. See my results, after following his guide, below.

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restore quick launch00 Restore Quick Launch Shortcut Icons in Windows Vista [How To]

Many people use Vista’s quick launch feature. The quick launch can be found next to the start menu; however, over time I’ve found myself instructing readers on how to restore these icons if they lose them. The reason I knew how to do this is because I, too, lost them myself! In this guide, you’ll learn how to restore the quick launch icons to the quick launch menu in Windows Vista.

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disable balloon tips 01 Disable Balloon Tips in Windows 7/Vista/XP [How To]

Please Note: This guide involves working with the Windows Registry. If this is your first time editing the registry, please read this guide to get you started. Learn how to backup and restore your registry here.

If you are tired of the balloon tips coming up in Windows XP or Vista, this quick simple guide will help you remove them. You can also bring them back again if you miss the company…

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remove office groove 00 Remove Microsoft Groove Folder Synchronization [How To]

Office 2007 comes with a utility named Groove and I assume you already know that because you’re reading this guide. Learn how to remove it below.

I have no need for Groove, which syncs your documents for collaboration with others. If you have no need for this, you can do either of the following: remove Groove completely or remove references to the groove in Windows Explorer.

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th imageres 03 Customize with More Icons form ImageRes.dll [How To]
If you like to customize your folder icons in Vista, you can either download custom icons or use Windows’ build in icons. In this guide, you’ll learn how to change a folder icon and how to find more icons, which are built right into Vista.

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