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Awesome Duplicate Photofinder Helps You Organize Your Photos

Posted by Thomas On January - 5 - 2011
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Awesome Duplicate Photofinder is a great freeware program designed to help you find those duplicate stored photos on your hard-drive.

But Awesome Duplicate Photofinder (say that fast five times in a row) does more. It even help you look for similar looking photos, using a comparison routine you would expect to find in an expensive commercial solution.

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PhotoMagician – a great Tool becomes even Greater

Posted by Thomas On November - 1 - 2010

I have earlier told you about PhotoMagician, the program that let you convert pictures “at the drop of a hat”. Now this great tool has become even greater.

One-Click Conversion to Device and Output Format

As before you can predefine  custom settings to suit your needs, but now PhotoMagician also comes with preset settings for the most common devices out there. But the most interesting new functionality is Format to Format Settings.

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Print Smart to Reduce Wasted Paper – Part 2 [How To]

Posted by Taylor Ling On October - 7 - 2010

In Part 1, I covered some printing techniques to reduce paper wastage, namely Duplex Printing, Multiple Pages per Sheet, Content Editing, Print Preview, and Digital Format. If you haven’t come across it, you are welcomed to look into Part 1 before going into Part 2.

In this part, I will be covering some software that are specifically written to assist computer users in reducing paper wastage, as well as help in saving printing inks (they are expensive!) The software covered are mixed with free and commercial versions, and I list out the pros and cons for each software, and give some recommendations for those who are looking at a free solution. There is one common characteristic for all these software: all of them will be installed as a virtual printer in your operating system to streamline the printing process. So let’s begin with the first printing software:

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3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

Posted by Thomas On August - 21 - 2010

Are you a fan of fonts? I know I am. And if you have visited this site for some time, you will no doubt be sitting on a huge pile of free fonts. Now, Windows doesn’t have a specific number of maximum allowed fonts you can enable (or install) – but installing each and every one you own at once, will increase boot time and may slow your system down to snail pace…There are many applications out there that will help you to manage your fonts by enabling the font you need – when you need it. The best programs also help you sort your fonts for easier management. The best ones, aren’t free (usually), and those who are, doesn’t always give you what you want, or need.For many years now I’ve been using a Font Management Program originally developed for the MAC platform called SuitCase. All though they have a free version, their best (and most functional, and costly) version is the paid version. Needing to upgrade my SuitCase Program I started out searching for a free tool that could replace it. Hoping to find at least one – I ended up with three promising alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »

Imagenomic Noiseware Clears Noise in Your Photos

Posted by Taylor Ling On August - 9 - 2010

Picture 45

As a hobbyist photographer, I only bring my camera along when there is an event/gathering/photography session. However, there are always times when an interesting scene or idea that’s worth a capture comes across my mind but the camera isn’t with me at that moment, and I have to rely on my mobile phone’s camera feature. While the camera on the phone isn’t that bad (upcoming Nokia N8 has a 12 Megapixels sensor), one of the big disadvantages for most of the phone’s camera is their poor light sensor (to compensate the small size of the phone), and under low light conditions, some of the photos taken have to deal with noise. In order to remove those noises to yield higher quality shots, post-processing is needed, and this is where Imagenomic Noiseware comes into play. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever had the need to upload a screenshot of your PC quickly?  Sure the native Windows Snip Tool is good and SnagIt is even better.  But what if you just need to quickly take a shot and upload it without any editing or pasting into Paint first?

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