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Style Your PC Desktop to Look Like OS X Snow Leopard [How To]

Posted by Rich On September - 30 - 2010

If you’d like to convert your Windows Vista or 7 to make it look like OS X Snow Leopard, you can learn how in this guide. Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

  1. Create a system restore point.
  2. Patch your system files with UXTheme Multi-patcher.
  3. Download Snow Leopard for Windows 7.
  4. Take Ownership of Your Files.
  5. Install Snow Leopard for Windows 7 theme.

Please note: this guide involves modifying system files and you should proceed with caution.

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HTC home Gadget

Posted by Thomas On September - 15 - 2010

The HTC Phone has a weather clock application which drizzles, shines and shows clouds depending on your current location. The application stays on the home screen of the phone.

The same application is now available for Windows 7.  Combining a clock, date and weather service, all in one application. What makes this stand out from all the other gadgets it that  the HTC Home Gadget makes heavy use of animations making your entire desktop into a professional weather and news (upcoming widget support) station.

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Change Your Windows Logon Screen (Method 3) [How To]

Posted by Rich On August - 9 - 2010

Back in September of 2009, rsvr85 showed us how to change your logon screen with Logon Screen Rotator and in March 2010, Thomas showed us how to change your logon screen without third-party software. In this guide, I offer a third alternative to use: Tweaks.com Logon Changer for Windows 7. Learn where to get it and how to use it in this guide.

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Scroll in any Window without Stealing Focus

Posted by Stu On August - 3 - 2010


Have you ever used Ubuntu?  Love the way you’re able to scroll inactive windows?  Miss this feature when you use Windows?

If so, look no further. WizMouse is a tiny free application that allows you to scroll any window without stealing focus.  It sits in your notification tray, it’s a tiny 578KB download and uses next to no resources from your system.

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ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu

Posted by Thomas On July - 31 - 2010

It’s no question about it. As more and more programs take advantage of adding their own features to the context-menu (Right Click Menu), the less useful it gets. Some developers that add their features to your context menu are smart enough to only activate it on certain file types, or when certain services are running. But not everyone does that.

Adding functions to your Context Menu is a synch, but removing them, now that’s another story all together.

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Soluto, the Anti-Frustration Software…

Posted by Thomas On June - 10 - 2010

We have all come to expect our computers to be sluggish or unresponsive at times, for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s because Windows is set to load tons of unneccessary drivers at boot up, other times it’s an outdated driver or some applications you weren’t aware of was running. And sometimes it’s your expensive valid software that’s taking all your resources.

Unless you’re a real techie… looking at the Task Manager isn’t going to do you any good. so why not try something new ?

Try Soluto, the  “Anti-Frustration Software“…

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