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How to Fix Any Computer (Comic)

Posted by Rich On April - 25 - 20116 COMMENTS

I found this both humorous and stereotypically true:

fix any computer title How to Fix Any Computer (Comic)

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Make Your Workspace More Productive and More Comfortable [How To]

Posted by Deck Hazen On April - 22 - 2011Comments Off

HomeOffice1 650x487 Make Your Workspace More Productive and More Comfortable [How To]

In my last article (An Explanation of the Pros and Cons of Using RAID on Your Computer), we discussed the problem of heat build-up during the very hot Auckland summer months and how a RAID 5 configuration with 4 disks can sustain the failure of a single disk. RAID protections provide one part of what should be an overall strategy to protect your data and your computer from heat.

In this piece we divert a bit from our standard hardware/software fare and look at the computing environment as a whole. We will postulate that a tidy workspace is, in fact, a happy workspace and suggest a few tricks to make your work-space more productive and more comfortable.

The three biggest factors driving the design of my workspace are heat, noise and clutter. If I can minimise these three and maximize my computing power and productivity (all within family budget constraints, of course), I will have archived the objective.

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dropbox 220x220 DropBox TOS Update: Will Turn Over Your Files to the US Government if AskedDropBox have recently updated their Security Terms of service to inform you that, if required, they’ll decrypt your files and hand them over to law enforcement. While this doesn’t really present a problem for most of us, please be aware that storing your evil plans on DropBox is probably not a good idea… at all.

Here’s the wording from their security policy:

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outlookLogoMac Setting up and using a second email account in Outlook 2010 [How To] A recent question from a reader, inspired me to write this article on how to set up and switch between several email accounts in Outlook 2010. The How To article showing you how to set up an account has already been written and I will not repeat that part but rather link to it later on.

Setting up a second (third, fourth … ) account in Outlook.

Adding several accounts to your Outlook 2010 is a simple task. Using them and switching between them is also very easy. What you DO need to decide before adding several accounts is, which will function as your main account, and should the accounts use the same PST-file (the database storing your emails) or should you use separate PST-files ?

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Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 Now Available

Posted by Rich On April - 13 - 2011Comments Off

Windows Forums member, UVAIS, informs us of the availability of Internet Explorer 10 Platform 1.

2mgjmzr Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 Now Available

You can read more about it and download it here. [Via Windows Forums]

In this guest article, Yoav Ezer shows you how to change the default axis interval in a chart in Microsoft Excel. Find out more about Yoav at the end of this article.

Microsoft Excel is pretty clever and usually the default choices it provides you are good, but sometimes it can be frustrating when it tries to help you and you can not find a way to alter the choices it makes.

Chart axis options are a common example of these frustrations. People often ask us how to override the default Axis Interval. Here is the solution for how to do that.

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