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Windows Phone 7 Series Icon Pack

Posted by Stu On April - 2 - 2010

The Windows Phone Developer Blog have kindly released the Windows Phone 7 Series Icon Pack to download.

We’ve just release a package of application bar icons for developers building apps/games for Windows Phone 7 Series. This package contains a set of 64 app bar icons that you can use when developing applications for Windows Phone. In addition to the 64 icons in PNG format (32 dark and 32 light), this package also contains vector versions that can be easily imported into Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta when using the Microsoft Expression Blend Add-in Preview for Windows Phone.

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Best Places to Find High-quality Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by Rich On March - 22 - 2010

Windows Guides always strives to keep your PC in top shape and looking great. One of the easiest ways to customize your computer to keep it looking great is by picking a good wallpaper. In this guide, I’ll show you the best places, in my opinion, to find high-quality desktop wallpaper.

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3 ways to beat a Company Firewall or a restrictive ISP

Posted by Thomas On March - 13 - 2010

If you happen to sit behind a Company Firewall, or you have a restrictive ISP on your hands; you are probably having problems trying to use MSN, Live, Facebook, Tweeter etc. This is of course very annoying at best – tho I can see why companies see the need to restrict what kind of Internet activity their employees can access while at work. Not every site out there is what I would call “Work Safe”.

That being said – sometimes you may find yourself in the situation where you are doing work related research – and end up at restricted sites – what then? Okay, I know that one is a bit far-fetched, you would probably just want to be able to use your Facebook or Tweeter or whatever. So Being the nice guy that I am – here are Three ways to breach security…

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Free Nature Desktop Wallpaper Set

Posted by Stu On February - 21 - 2010

Windows Forums member Batu has taken some beautiful pictures of the Baltic Sea to use as wallpapers.

Here’s a peek at some of the pictures.

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Office 2010: Modify The Ribbon [How To]

Posted by Thomas On February - 20 - 2010

Ever since I saw the new ribbon in Office 2007 – I hated it. I looked around and found me a freeware add-in that brought back the old and familiar menu-system. Then came Microsoft Office 2010, and the ribbon had begun to grow on me, don’t get me wrong I still use my old and trusty pre-2007 menu add-In, but not so much any more.

Why, you ask ? First of all, Microsoft has simplified the ribbons, made them more intuitive. Secondly; I can now change them to my liking and need, by adding my custom Tabs, Groups and Commands. In this tutorial I am going to use Microsoft Excel 2010, but the procedure is the same in all Office Programs. Here’s How:

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komalo over at deviantart has shared a tool that will give you an Aero look to your command prompt.

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