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Why Should You Subscribe to this Site?

Posted by Rich On July - 17 - 200817 COMMENTS

rss256 Why Should You Subscribe to this Site?

Windows Guides gets around 20,000 visitors a day. Many come, go, and miss out on future articles; to avoid missing new content, you can subscribe. Subscribing does not mean you’ll get any junk mail — I’ll never sell your address and you’ll only get updates from this site.

What Does Subscribe Mean?

Subscribing to www.mintywhite.com lets you keep up to date (by e-mail or an RSS reader) with all the new articles on this site; you’ll be the first to know when a new article is available. Instead of coming back to my site, you can get my latest articles delivered to your email inbox or reader. I put a new article on the site every week-day morning at 9am EST; if I put together something really cool, I’ll put it up as I write it.

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Why Should I Subscribe?

So you don’t miss out on a thing! Enough said, subscribe below or find out more about RSS if you already get too many e-mails.

thumb vista pocket guide book Why Should You Subscribe to this Site? Special Offer! Subscribers get three FREE Books:

  1. Windows Vista – the Pocket Guide
  2. Windows Vista – Customization Manual
  3. Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide

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rss256 Why Should You Subscribe to this Site? email256 Why Should You Subscribe to this Site?
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Every now and then, I take a look at my Google Analytics page to see where visitors to this website come from. I am pleased to see a high diversity of visitors–with visits from 186 195 countries and territories.

Which of the 186 195 countries and territories are you from? Are you from the US/UK? If so, which state/county/city are you from? Let us know in the comments and represent your part of the world.

Please see Figure A below for all the countries the site’s visitors come from. www.Mintywhite.com has been around for just over three months and I thought I would share how many unique visitors have come to the site: at time of publishing, the number stands at 1,215,033 visitors. Thank you for your support and diligent readership.

mintywhite visitors 300x163 UPDATE: To Our Visitors from Around the World: Please read...

Figure A: Google Analytics Map of Visitors to www.Mintywhite.com

Haven’t commented before? It takes a few seconds plus the time you take to share a little about where you are from. I look forward to hearing from you!

Readers – Head Over to the Forums

Posted by Rich On May - 13 - 20082 COMMENTS

forum Readers Head Over to the Forums

forum128 Readers Head Over to the ForumsThe forums are now up and running and many have you have already joined us. If you are not yet a member, head over now and join the community.

08international01 To Our International/Non native English Speaking Visitors Please read...

I recently made this site viewable in many more languages. I’m surprised by how much you are using this service already. If English is not your first language, please let me know how this is working for you. (To change language, click on a flag in the top right of this page.)

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