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Reminder: Windows Guides is looking for another paid writer; apply today if you are:

  • Available to write at least one post per week.
  • A native or fluent English speaker.
  • Technically inclined and have a deep knowledge about Windows.
  • Creative and can write interesting articles with original, quality content.
  • Familiar with writing articles using WordPress (or willing to learn without assistance.)
  • Able to take high quality screenshots, which help users follow your guides.
  • Using Windows 7 on your computer and you have access to Windows XP and Vista.

The application deadline is Wednesday July 21st, 2010 @ 5PM ET.
For more information, please go here or apply below:

If you’re looking to keep up on (or share) the latest technology news, you can now do so in the Technology News forum on Windows Forums.

If you’d like to get up updates, you can get a daily digest of the latest topics over on Windows Forums.

preferences system Windows Forums mintywhite Tools Section AddedAs previously requested on the Windows Forums suggestion box, there is now a section for Windows Tools that are made by mintywhite readers.

What Kind of Tools?

Take a look at the forum. You’ll find the following tools (and more):

Made a Tool/Program/App/Widget?

If you made a tool, please add it to the forum so others can use it also (full credit is always given to the tool author.)

mintywhite Tools Forum

The Persian translation of Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide is now available. Thank you to Armin who translated the whole book by himself!

download64 Windows 7 The Pocket Guide Released (Persian Translation)

Download Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide (Persian)

Download Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide (English)

(Free Newsletter sign up required.)

Direct Link for newsletter subscribers (Instructions for subscribers)

facebook Windows Guides Has a Facebook Page; Are You a Fan?Windows Tools, Help & Guides has a Facebook page and I’m inviting you to join and become a “fan”! (I’m not a … fan of the word fan, but that’s the word Facebook uses.)

To become a fan, do the following:

  • Click here
  • Login to/Register for Facebook
  • Click Become a Fan

Thanks for your support everyone.

email256 Email Subscribers, Cant See Images? Show Images in Trusted Emails [How To]Since yesterday, I’ve heard from 20+ subscribers who have problems seeing images in their newsletters from Windows Guides. Usually, people  email me and I explain one on one how to display the images; however, with the survey I ran yesterday, many people let me know that the form isn’t showing (see important note below) and neither are images.

This guide explains how to see images without coming over to the site.

Important Note:

If you saw the word “Loading…” in the newsletter yesterday where I had the two-question survey, you’ll need to go to the survey page: How Fast Does www.mintywhite.com Load on Your Connection? These types of forms often wont display in emails.

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